Here’s why the trolls who criticised ‘The X Factor’s’ Emily Middlemas were DEAD WRONG

Let’s be clear about one thing, trolling is never OK! And some people really need to listen to their mums when they say, “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.


Emily Middlemas was one of this year’s most divisive contestants on ‘The X Factor’ due to her unique and distinctive vocals. The 18 year old Glaswegian, who was voted out this past Sunday, received an unfair amount of criticism for the way she was presented on the show which, by the way, is not always fully her choice.

People complained that she turned every song into a sombre ballad on a weekly basis. Then, when she tried to switch it up with a quirky performance of Britney’s ‘Toxic’ she came under heavy fire from someone who really should have known a lot better.

When you have over 2 million followers like Nick Grimshaw you need to be more responsible with your words. You are essentially in a position of power and you need to use it wisely, and tearing down an 18 year old girl who is trying to get her first shot of fame is not really fair.

Nick is a big fan of ‘The X Factor’ so we are 100% sure he has been following this series closely and knew who Emily was when he tweeted this out. Therefore, it was kinda shady to refuse to acknowledge Emily by name in his tweet.

Emily herself has now responded to the criticisms in a very diplomatic way, and Nick should really take note:

“Not everyone is going to like my voice and that’s fine. He probably shouldn’t tweet nasty things though. You never know what people’s emotions are or what place they are in mentally.”

We’re sure that, for Nick, his comment was throwaway. A thought that popped into his head and was forgotten almost as soon as it was tweeted out. Nick himself is not a nasty person by any means, but he should just be more careful when it comes to what he broadcasts.

‘The X Factor’ is like a pressure-cooker with all the contestants feeling the strain of competition. Criticism is, of course, to be expected, but not by someone who understands what the contestants are going through. We would expect more empathy next time, Nick.


Also, there is a very good chance that Emily could be the breakout star from ‘The X Factor’ this year. She may have received criticism for her vocals, but actually when you think about it, her unique tone is a very positive thing.

Think of GaGa, RiRi, Zayn, pretty much anyone on the radio right now. You can always recognise their vocals literally from the first note. Emily definitely has this quality and it can only work in her favour.

When Emily performed Birdy’s ‘Wings’ in the Sing-Off it became clear that this is the type of artist that Emily could be. Birdy has a signature style and voice. People sometimes complain that she doesn’t show much versatility in her music, but she does sell records. To survive in the music industry you need to sell records.

‘The X Factor’ is a fantastic platform and we totally respect the great opportunities it has given some of its alumni, but in a way it does stunt the potential of some of its contestants. In fact, a lot of the factors which will take you far in a competition like ‘The X Factor’ are actually things which could hold you back from being a comercially successful musician.

We understand that, in order to go far in the competition, you need to show your versatility, but the chameleon-esque style of the contestants, the constant genre-switching and the identity changes mean that it’s very hard to place some contestants. In order to fit into the music industry you have to fill a particular hole in the market. Being the jack of all trades will not take you far.

We could definitely see Emily coming out with something full of personality and scoring a massive hit. We really think that she has a real shot at the big time and we are very positive to see what she comes up with next.

Let us know what you think of Emily’s future in the music industry using the comments box below.

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