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WTF! Loads of Directioners will be BANNED from seeing Harry Styles in ‘Dunkirk’!

This is so unfair

What the actual hell?

We have spent what feels like half a lifetime looking forward to seeing Harry Styles‘ acting debut in ‘Dunkirk’.

We flipped our lids when it was announced that he was taking up the role.

We freaked out when he cut his hair for the role.

We went insane when the first shot of him on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ surfaced.

Don’t even ask us what we did when the first trailer was released.

And now it turns out half the fandom won’t even be able to see the film when it comes out in cinemas!

It has just been announced that the film will be a 12A in the UK and a PG 13 in the US!

WTF! That means that fans younger than 12 won’t be able to see it in cinemas.

Of course, fans feel cheated. A decent proportion of 1D’s fandom is under 12 and they have been totally excluded from this milestone event, which makes us so upset.

Unfortunately, it is a war film which automatically means there must be violence to properly portray this landmark historical event in an appropriate way. So we should have seen this age restriction coming, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

At least we can look forward to his debut album which should be dropping any minute now.

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  1. I just want to remind people that actually, Dunkirk isn’t meant to be 100% about Harry. Yes, I support him as an actor and I’m very excited to see his take on his character but actually Dunkirk is a war epic and it will annoy me so much if I go to see it in the cinema and there are people screaming every time he comes on screen. That’s not what Nolan would have wanted at all.

    • Totally agreed, Lauren. I just think it’s a shame that not all of his fans will get to see him in it – but I guess when it hits DVD they can :)

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