THEY. DID. THAT! Harmonizers declare the rebirth of Fifth Harmony and the world finally makes sense again

We ain’t worry ’bout NOTHIN’!

The ‘People’s Choice Awards’ comeback performance was a make or break moment for Fifth Harmony.

While our faith never wavered, in the run up to the big night many people speculated that Fifth Harmony couldn’t survive the departure of Camila Cabello at the end of last year.

How wrong they were…

First of all, dressed like that there was no way 5H could fail to slay. OOF!

The stage was set. The girls chose to perform their biggest hit to date, ‘Work From Home’ – the crown jewel in their cannon of mega hits. The lights went down. We waited with bated breath.

Camila usually started the song with the line ‘I ain’t worry ’bout nothin’, I ain’t worry ’bout nada’. Who would be singing it?


YAAAAAAAS! The four members of Fifth Harmony chose to sing the line together showing their solidarity and perfect harmonies. It was EVERYTHING.

Now how we do get ourselves a light up box like that? That s**t is lit, literally…

And then, immediately after the performance 5H’s labelmate DJ Khaled announced that they had won the ‘Favourite Group’ award for the second year in a row. OMFG! Could this have been any better?

And Harmonizers got a shout out too! While accepting her award Normani thanked us all:

“We wanna thank our Harmonizers for everything they do for us. We’d be nothing without you, please believe that”

We love you too, Mani.

Needless to say the fandom has gone into meltdown, declaring this as a new era for the group:

And the world feels right again. We can’t wait for their third album. This is gonna be siiiiiick!

Let us know what you thought of 5H’s comeback performance using the comments box below.

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