LISTEN: Normani Kordei wows with Solange mash-up and it’s high time you joined the Mani Army!

‘Cos we’d like to get jackets…

Less than a month after she blew our minds with a mash-up of Drake’s ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Sneakin’, Normani is back with another stellar duo of tunes from an artist who defined 2016.

It’s none other than Beyonce’s sassy sis, Solange Knowles, whose album ‘A Seat at the Table’ had a massive cultural impact last year, landing the Texan pop star her first US number one record.

Solange’s success has all been down to the strong message she portrays through her music and two of the most socially vital tracks from the album, ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ and ‘Cranes in the Sky’, both tackle #blacklivesmatter issues in a truly unique and inspiring way.

Normani has clearly chosen songs which are close to her heart as a proud black woman and to be honest we couldn’t be more proud. It doesn’t hurt that her cover version is pretty damn perfect either!

Can we make these covers a monthly thing please? Actually scrap that, DAILY!

Have a listen to her mash-up below:


Naturally, everybody has lost their shit.

She’s even had celebs like Troye Sivan and Noah Cyrus complimenting her on her work. Too right!


But Normani also has reasserted her commitment to continuing with Fifth Harmony as a four piece following the departure of Camila at the end of last year. She has proved her dedication by tweeting this gorgeous AF pic from a new photoshoot with her bandmates.

And it looks like someone’s changed the Hollywood sign in their honour. Tbh they deserve it.

Gosh, Mani is there anything you can’t do?

Let us know what you think about Normani’s choice of cover songs below and make sure to suggest some tunes you would love to hear her mash up in her own unique style.


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  1. I still can’t decide if I like that Solange album really. But Normani’s mash up is pretty darn smooth. I’d like her to do something like really retro maybe. Old soul stuff.

  2. This is really, really beautiful. I just hope the whole world doesn’t start speculating 5H’s break up because of it. The girls are allowed to produce their own music if they want – it doesn’t mean they’re gunning for solo careers!

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