23 tweets about Dolores Umbridge you can’t disagree with

There’s nothing better than finding that one unifying element among your people. And when it comes to Umbridge she seems to unify a whole planet. Because she really is…


Yeah. Something like that.

So, from kicking her in the teeth to having her fall face first into stinging nettles… here’s 23 of some of the best Umbridge tweets that you will literally agree with. Because it’s ok to hate her. It really is. 

1. This is how you properly wake up in the morning.

2. Relatable.

3. You always need something to gauge your reactions to the whole world by:

4. This satisfying image.

5. Conspiracy theory. Proven.

6. Get at the back of the line, mate.

7. When your fave platform does something douchey… There’s only one person to blame really.

8. Siblings are evil. Obvs.

9. Truth.

10. #slay

11. The nightmare situation no one wants. It’s fun for the first five minutes… But then?

12. There’s always at least one person that has to take it too far:


13. When the colour pink is never the same again:

14. Yes.

15. Sometimes there are just no words and emojis have to do.

16. Lol wut?

17. In a nutshell.

18. The flashbacks are hard to shake.

19. Politics.

20. Which would you rather..?

21. Come one, you’ve thought about it. They all probably came from the back of a puzzle book. You know the ones. Send away specials.

22. When the rules get cray and all you wanna do is your thing.

23. And you’ve often said this with a smile too:

But no. Not this. Ever:

Which is your fave? Do you harbour the same hate for Umbridge?


Tell us in the comments below. Let’s hate her together.

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