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7 times the rise of the celebrity cougar was #relationshipgoals

In the spirit of Zac Efrons’ new film ‘Dirty Grandpa’, where we see Aubrey Plaza take an interest in Robert Di Nero, we’ve picked our top 7 cougar couples… The rise of the celebrity cougar is SO real. And our boys One Direction are on the list 3 times… Yes Harry we’re looking at youharry-styles-shocked

1 – Taylor Swift and Harry Styles tumblr_meipnxESF01qgyfgco1_250T-Swizzle may have a long list of ex lovers, but she did an Adele and turned them into some amazing albums.

Taylor was 23 when she dated Hazza babes and he was just 18.

2 – Ellie Goulding and Niall Horantumblr_mv74fyIl4X1r0apqfo4_r1_250Once upon a time Ellie Goulding had a lucky charm, his name was Niall. We loved these two together, talk about a power couple!

Ellie was 28 at the time and Niall was 22.

3 – Caroline Flack and Harry Styles harry-styles-caroline-flack-gifThrowback to this couple. Caroline received a lot of hate for this and we really don’t know why. Who would ever turn down the chance to be Mrs Harry Styles? She’s literally one of us.

Caroline was 32 at the time and Harry was 17.

4 – Kris Jenner and Corey GambleKris-Jenner-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-2015Now this is cougaring at its very best. Kris Jenner is dating someone who is the same age as her fave daughter Kim.

Kris was 59 when she announced that she was dating Corey Gamble who was 34 at the time… You go Glen Coco!

5 – Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon tumblr_n10vichCXE1qd8zg3o1_500Mariah Carey took cougar to another level with Nick Cannon. They got married and had children. We were gutted when these two got divorced.

Mariah was 38 when she first layed heart eye emojis on Nick who was 27.

6 – Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher 
tumblr_mc5s4wGXp71qg80h7o2_r1_500 (1)These two were literally the hottest couple in Hollywood. Ashton has since re-married, and as for Demi? Well she’s enjoying the single life.

Demi was 41 when she first started dating Ashton who was 25 at the time.

7 – Madonna and Cotumblr_mn8jhd8Hso1qhjm0go2_500Madonna is queen of all cougars. She has a thing for 30 year age gaps, and why not? She is Madonna after all.

Here’s the top 3 Mr Madonna’s:

Brahim Zalbat – Madonna was 55, Brahim was 25.

Jesus Luz – Madonna was 51, Jesus was 21. Cray to da cray right?

Timor Steffens – Madonna was 56, Timor was 26.253b70838093730d80831ef3cabec1ed

Make sure you check out Zac Efron as a wingman for Robert De Niro cougaring in ‘Dirty Grandpa’. It’s in cinemas right now, so what are you waiting for

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