‘Dirty Grandpa’ review: We want to go on spring break with Zac Efron pls…

Earlier this week we got the chance to see Zac Efron’s hilarious new film ‘Dirty Grandpa’. This tongue-in-cheek comedy has definitely left us wanting to go on a spring break with Zac, as if we didn’t already…


The film follows Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) as he is getting ready to marry his bosses control freak daughter Meredith (Julianne Hough). This guarantees Jason a promotion at his law firm, but is that what Jason wants?

It doesn’t matter because Jason’s Grandpa Dick Kelly (Robert De Niro) is forcing Jason to take him on the journey of a lifetime…


Jason is uptight to say the least and he quickly rediscovers his freedom when on spring break in Florida… We approve.zacanigif_enhanced-28513-1445981833-4

If that isn’t enough, we also see hints on Troy Bolton 2.0 and we may have been crying in the cinema (don’t judge us for that).


This is an epic journey of self discovery for Jason, and our favourite part? This…zactumblr_nwyejg4uND1qhj870o2_540_zpsq2afa2c3



If you want to catch this raunchy and outrageous comedy (and Zac’s nip nips) it’s out in cinemas on January 29… Maybe take your Grandpa? Although we advise against that. 

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Written by Hannah Lovejoy

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