22 years of Harry Styles’ flawless hair. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Our boy H Styles turns 22 today, where has the time gone!giphy

In celebration of this we thought what better way to wish him Happy Birthday than to honour his flawless hair with 22 times it’s been prettier than us.

1. When we changes his sheets, it picks up just the right amount of wind.giphy

2. Stage Harry is our favourite kind of Harry, that’s where it get’s a lot of movement.giphy

3. There’s going to be a lot of stage Harry on here.giphy

4.  Even simple getting up to collect an award creates perfection.giphy

5. Sitting in a car trying to be a normal human being can be a struggle when you’re is that flawless.giphy6. Oh there he is again, stage Harry.giphy

7. Fetus stage Harry.giphy

8. Oh we love air traffic controller Harry, so much wind from those planes!giphy

9. There he is again… on a stage.giphy

10. Stage Harry 2.0giphy

11. He’s excepted everyone wants a piece of the action.giphy

12. The boy’s known since day one there’s something special going on up there.giphy

13. The way it moves a little when he laughs.giphy

14. Even classic boy band Harry, is bringing the hair game strong. giphy

15. A bit wind swept? Never mind, it’s still the best hair we’ve ever seen. giphy

16. That Toyota advert hair was on a whole other level.giphy

17. Never has someone drinking tea has such good locks.giphy

18. Bin hair don’t care.

19. If we didn’t know better we’d think it was weave.20020.  Although long hair Harry is our fav, short hair Harry still had so much movement.200 (1)

21. And back where it all began for us. Baby mop Harry.giphy

22. Maybe our favourite Harry Hair…
giphy giphys

Happy Birthday Harry, here’s to many more years of your hair.

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