Reviewer Roundup: Waiting For Callback “auditions brilliantly for the part of freshest new voice in young teen fiction”

Waiting For CallbackPerdita and Honor Cargill’s ‘Waiting for Callback’ is the fun, fresh story about a girl thrust into the world of ‘luvvies and starlets’ when discovered by an acting agent. She thinks it can’t be long before she’s on the red carpet, reaping in the awards and accolades. But instead she experiences a taste of the less-glamourous side of a career in acting, and suffers through some cringeworthy scenarios along the way.

We love its lively and touching narrative. But don’t just take our word for it; it has a whopping 4.3/5 on Goodreads, and yet again we’ve searched into every nook and cranny the internet has to offer to bring together the opinions of much loved readers and reviewers.

This time we’ve looked to Kirsty @ The Overflowing Library, Emma @ Never Judge a Book by its Cover, Aisha @ Whimsicat and Clare @ Minerva Reads. 

So let’s kick it off with our main character, Elektra. Was her performance on the page worthy of an Oscar? Or did she fall flat? Clare describes her as “a pretty unique character” which is backed up by Kirsty who goes on to say that “Elektra is really relatable” and part of her charm is that she is “just an ordinary teenager with all the usual problems around boyfriends, spots, friends and school work.”

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Emma appreciated that the story “touched upon the realistic approaches to acting and to the life of a teenager“, and as much as the story is  “super-cute…and light”, “there are some powerful lessons in here too,” says Clare, “that no matter what one’s profession, it takes graft…to get ahead – that envy of others in the profession gets you nowhere and is often misplaced, and that patience is indeed a virtue.” 

Rocky eye of the tiger

The comments about the tone of this book are overwhelming however. Without a doubt this book is “brilliantly funny” says Kirsty, and Emma then says it “puts-a-smile-on-your-face-till-the-very-end“.     

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Also, Aisha “really enjoyed Elektra’s relationship with her parents. A lot of the time parental figures [in YA] can be quite two-dimensional, but Elektra’s parents are breath of fresh air.

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Clare calls it “a warm, encouraging read” and we couldn’t agree more.

Aisha: “I definitely recommend this book, it’ll brighten up the cold winter months.

Emma: “Waiting For Callback is a super-cute, amazing and light novel that awarded its 5 stars from me.”

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