Reviewer Round Up: Catherine Doyle’s ‘Inferno’ is an “electrifying and thrilling experience “

infernoIt’s time for another Reviewer Round Up, our little corner of MP! which takes a look at what all of you bloggers are saying about the latest releases. Today, we’re spying on The Dark Dictator and The Readers Corner and what exactly they thought of January release, ‘Inferno’ by Catherine Doyle.

As the second book in a series, there may have been some concern that ‘Inferno’ simply wouldn’t have lived up to its older sister: the curse of sequels. However, you can be assured that in the hands of a talented writer such as Catherine Doyle, the second ‘Blood For Blood’ novel is every bit as good as ‘Vendetta’ – if not more.

The Dark Dictator, our lovely Sally B, felt very strongly about this title: “It is currently 2AM. I have just finished reading Inferno. For the second time. Yes, you read that correct. I have read this book TWICE in one go…I could do with a third round and possibly a fourth. It will never be enough. Anything to experience that electrifying and thrilling experience over and over.”

And Beth, at The Readers Corner? “Just when I thought nothing could beat the first book in the Blood For Blood saga, Inferno has really knocked it out of the park. Catherine Doyle what have you done to me? This book has made my emotions go all over the place, but in a good way!”

Already off to a good start, both of these reviewers make sure to note the magnificent levels of romance in this series. The Dark Dictator is very much #TeamLuca, obvz. “And Luca… Oh Luca. This book made me so incredibly happy. Cat is my new favourite person. And if you aren’t in love with Luca after reading ‘Inferno’, then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends. (Actually, you should be in love with Luca after ‘Vendetta’.)”

The Readers Corner truly got to the point: “Luca should be real, please.”

And what about our leading lady, Sophie? The Readers Corner said, “She has such a strong head on her shoulders that she can deal with anything thrown at her and what what is happening in this saga has made her into such a goddess!”

The Dark Dictator felt similarly, saying, “I am tremendously impressed with how the Sophie’s character has developed. I didn’t think she could get any more awesome, but she evolves into the valiant, strong-willed goddess who could take on an oncoming hurricane and survive.”

Final words?

The Dark Dictator: “The ‘Blood for Blood’ saga has become joint-first with the ‘Night School’ series on my list of my favourite series of all time. And I don’t see that changing. Ever.


The Readers Corner: “This book is filled with so much drama, suspense, twists, thrilling and romance that everyone needs to read this saga and love it as much as I did and then we can talk about the doughnut scene.”

Wow. Basically, guys, go out and get this book and experience the beauty that is ‘Blood For Blood’ ASAP. BONUS: You’ll understand all of these doughnut references so much better, and trust us, it’s worth it.

What did you think of ‘Inferno’? Let us know @maximumpopbooks.

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