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Rainbow Bondage Bear and Sugar Baby Bear’s Twitter account was deleted and we still can’t deal with it!

Just when we thought that the bad news surrounding One Direction would be over, the owner(s) of @rbbsbbofficial decided to delete their account on Friday evening and we’re still not over it.

tumblr_nlo5nmQ44t1t0uuhmo1_500Our favourite furry LGBT icons were still sending us pictures and hints as to who its owner(s) might just be despite One Direction themselves being on break but with the Twitter gone it feels like the end of an era.


Who knew we’d be mourning the loss of a Twitter account made for two stuffed bears, but yet here we are, so why not remember all the good times we had trying to figure out all of the pictures.


How have you been dealing with the deletion of @rbbsbbofficial? Let us know your coping method over on Twitter @maximumpop.

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