Welp, Theresa May has stuck her middle finger up at Europe and this is what it means for you

Stay cool, stay cool.

We’ve not exactly been over the moon with the Brexit decision. Not least because the younger end of the population would have, and did, vote to STAY in the European Union. You know, the whole stronger in numbers thing? The let’s not be totally reckless thing? The let’s stay in the EU for our future generations’ happiness thing?

But nooo. Welp, it is what it is, and PM Theresa May has made her “hard Brexit” stance plans known. What does it actually mean for UK teens?

Foreign students

On immigration May said this: “Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe.” Why does that matter to you? Well there is no process for this yet, but unless a change is made to how stats are gathered, international students are counted as “immigrants”.

It could make it harder, both moving in and out of the UK, for studying abroad. If this immigrant animosity continues it will not only put off people from trying to access our excellent educational facilities, but also less students means less funding means a serious decline in what is on offer for students.

QUIZ! Who said it: Trump or Farage? 

OMG! One of your fave TV shows is encouraging us to CULL otters?

The EU has been investing a chunk of money into UK school systems. What now? *shrugs* Any cash already promised to initiatives will continue. But for those of you living on the west coast of Britain you’ve been receiving the most skrilla from the EU. Just something to chew on for the future.

Immigration and Expats

As for a young person’s family trying to move into the UK, a “points based system” which is hard but very clear, as seen in Australia, has been rejected. There’s a reason families want in to our country. Because it’s safer, it’s stronger, and it’s supposedly kinder. Huh.

What about current expats? Who knows. There is still no firm confirmation or reassurance for the rights of UK or EU residents living in different countries. Fab.

European law

We’re leaving the European Court of Justice. This means we, as a country, do not have to be made to follow certain laws. These include: clean water, VAT on energy bills, environmental footprint, working hours.

All things that could thrive in our own hands. But also we have the power to do what we want. Well… WE don’t. Theresa May and the Conservative government can now decide how clean our drinking water should be. Or how straight a banana needs to be for sale.

Some legislation is a little silly (see: bananas) and owning our fishing waters again could be a very good things, whereas other things can have a serious effect on our everyday lives.

It’s a waiting game now. Let’s just see how this one plays out. It’s not like 48% of the population who voted against Brexit have a voice in any of this. But hey guys, the pound is up…

How are you feeling about Theresa May’s “hard Brexit”? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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