Quiz: What kind of friend are you?

The joker or the hugger?

Friendship is a total saviour. we honestly don’t know how we’d through a single day of school without our friends and we know that Harry Potter wouldn’t have survived without Ron and Hermione, especially Hermione

Your BFFs laugh with you through the fun times and hold your hand through the bad times, as well as give you hope in dark times.

That’s exactly what Leila does for Mico in Pooja Puri’s brilliant ‘The Jungle‘.

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Mico has left his home and his family to find a better future in the UK but has instead ended up stranded in the Calais Jungle where life is brutal and hostile. Mico is struggling in his attempts to leave as he can’t afford to pay the ‘Ghost Men‘ to get him across the Channel. Everything changes when Leila arrives at camp – gutsy and fearless, she teaches Mico just how important friendship can be.

Are you a friend like Leila?

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