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QUIZ: Who said it? Hermione Granger, or Emma Watson?

Slay queen, slay.

Whether we’re waving Hermione inspired protest signs, or feeling filled with positivity when Emma Watson speaks up for gender equality, it’s safe to say that she is a total kwane.

But with so much inspo it can be hard to work out who said what, especially when each are as fierce as the other. We can tell you’ve got this though. You’ll be able to work out the witch’s words from the muggle’s musings, right?

Because Hermione and Emma aren’t too dissimilar are they? They both stand up for what they believe in and for a better world, and they both make brilliant role models for young girls everywhere. And where would Harry and Ron be without a Hermione?

Dumbledore’s Army will never die! Feminist Potterheads rocked the Women’s Marches

Can you crack the case in this Cluedo style who dunnit?

We’ve not made this easy though. Some quotes have been dug out of the darkest pits of the internet and YouTube to make it more challenging. Not to mention the lesser known Hermione quotes magicked straight from all 7 books!

Think you can own this quiz? Good luck! don’t forget to share your victory in the comments below!

How did you do? Are you a QUOTE QUEEN? Tell ussss.

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