Quiz: Can you guess the book covers from just a short description?

Not If I See You FirstParker Grant, the main character of Eric Lindstrom’s book, ‘Not If I See You First’, is blind. Viewing the story through her makes for a really interesting experience as a reader, you just touch the surface of how very different parts of your life can be if you’re not relying on sight. There’s a very moving scene where a character asks Parker if she even realises she’s not white? And it’s the same when characters comment on the weight of her friends or the kind of clothes they wear. These are things that don’t matter to Parker, they don’t change the way in which she knows these people.

To make you consider how much you do or don’t prioritise your sense of sight, we have arranged a little ‘blind book cover’ quiz for you. Can you tell the book from our short little description of its cover?

How did you do? Let us know on at @maximumpopbooks.

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