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QUIZ: Can you guess the ‘Harry Potter’ book from a single quote?

Exceed our expectations below

Listen up Potterheads, you’re probably not as big a fan as you think you are.

Sorry to tell you this but even the truest fans fall at the last hurdle and we’re willing to bet ten galleons you’ll fail. You might know the opening line to ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ like the back of your hand but can you prove yourself as the ultimate ‘Harry Potter‘ fan and guess what book these seven chosen quotes come from?

Pfft, we think not. If you want to prove yourself the ultimate Potterhead you’re going to have to earn your badge through the MP! version of the Triwizard Tournament. Reckon you can beat these three tasks?

1. First up, would you be able to tell us every little detail about Hogwarts off the top of your head?

Prove it.

QUIZ: How much do you really know about Hogwarts? Even true Potterheads will be Stupefied by this quiz!

2. Task two, can you match up a screencap to the HP film it comes from?

We all know the biggest Potterheads can hear one note of Hedwig’s Theme from over 10 miles away and swoop down upon the TV quicker than Dudley could scoff a hundred cakes.

QUIZ: Can you match the screencap to the correct ‘Harry Potter’ movie?

3. To win the Triwizard Cup… what book do these seven quotes come from?

Notoriously more difficult than sitting your O.W.L.s, this mastermind quiz will have you wishing you’d taken a swig of Felix Felicis before starting. Just to kick it up a notch – as if it’s not already hard enough – you’ve only got ONE MINUTE on the clock to complete it in, so get matching:

Would you win the Triwizard Tournament? Let us know how far you got in the comments below.

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