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QUIZ: Call yourself a Potterhead? Try our ultimate Harry Potter quiz!

Will you have to hand in your wand?

Harry Potter has taken over the world. You’re a fan, we’re a fan, even our unborn children are fans! Seriously, they don’t have a choice in the matter. We all love Harry’s story but how much of a fan are YOU? We’ve put together the a super hard Harry Potter quiz that only the truest Potterheads can get right.

It’s incredibly tricky but don’t get yourself in too much of a tizzy, Potterheads. You should think of this quiz as a warm-up round before you try and conquer Maximum Pop!’s Quiz That Must Not Be Named.

The Quiz That Must Not Be Named is the hardest Harry Potter quiz of all time. It has over 100 questions and is leaving the fandom in a state of despair. No one had been able to get 100/100 yet and it’s driving everyone wild.

Before you try and attempt the Quiz That Must Not Be Named, we need to see if you’re a big enough Potterhead. Get at least 7/10 in this warm-up trivia below and then impress us even more by getting 100/100 in the beast that awaits. Ready? Let’s go.

What score did you get? Try Maximum Pop!’s 100 question Harry Potter trivia quiz by clicking here. You can also play our other Harry Potter quizzes here – there’s over 109 in total. Good luck, wizards.

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