Just 17 posts from queer kids that will make your day

So many feels

Oh, you lovely lot know how to hit us right in the feels, don’t you?

From coming out videos to the sweetest prom proposals, queer kids are an absolute gift to Tumblr and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The site has built a strong LGBQT+ community over the years and it’s touching to see so many of you confining, encouraging and supporting each other.

The main character in one of our fave, new YA novels, knows exactly how much joy a best friend can bring when you’re struggling with or questioning some aspect of your sexual identify.

In ‘Release’ by Patrick Ness, gay teen Adam Thorn is suffocating under the weight of his ultra religious family. His Dad is a preacher and Adam has to keep his new boyfriend a secret.

The only person Adam can talk to about any of this is his best friend Angela.

She’s his ultimate confidant, so when Angela suddenly moves away just when Adam’s life begins to crumble, he’s left wondering whether he can survive any of it?

With a storyline like that it’s no surprise that ‘Release’ has already received brilliant reviews from The Times and The Guardian.

It’s been praised it on its powerful storyline and ability to hook the reader in and we think all our LGBTQ+ (and straight) Tumblr friends and you should def’ grab a copy ASAP.

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In the meantime, let’s enjoy a few of you guys own coming-of-age experiences, shall we?

Grab the tissues, gals and guys – these super cute queer, Tumblr moments will have you crying so many happy tears.

1. This video will hit you in the feels

2. Slay

3. This is incredible

4. Brilliant

5. We’re so happy for you!

6. Yaaasss!

7. These are sooo good

8. This is too funny

9. Please meet the gay Moses of high school

10. What a hero

11. OMG…

12. *Fire emoji*

13. This one’s emotional

14. Wow

15. Heartbreaking

16. *Happy tears*

17. So sweet

Want to find out more about ‘Release’ by Patrick Ness? Check out this awesome Q&A video with him or snap up a copy of the book here.

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