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Plan your prison escape and we’ll tell you which YA character is actually your long lost twin!

Forget about Azkaban! This prison is SO much harder to escape!

We spend approximately 4637829 hours a week with our nose stuck in dystopian YA books, so it’s only understandable that we often imagine ourselves in some pretty unusual out-of-this-world situations.

Naturally, we’ve questioned what it would be like to get caught up in ‘The Hunger Games’ universe.

We’ve also debated on ways we’d escape a prison like the one in James Patterson’s latest novel, ‘Crazy House’. Oh jeez, what a pickle that is!

For those that don’t know, ‘Crazy House’ was released last month and the story follows 17-year-old twins, Becca and Cassie Greenfield. Becca was snatched from her small hometown and thrown into a maximum-security prison on Death Row.

It’s a truly terrifying read and sees the twins go above and beyond in the name of sisterhood to get each other back.

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How would you escape a maximum-security prison, though? Any ideas?

See if you can get yourself out of the sticky situation in the quiz below and we’ll reveal which YA character is actually your long lost twin.

Move aside, Becca and Cassie – there are a new pair of siblings in town.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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