12 things that would DEFINITELY happen if real life turned into a YA dystopian novel

Who would you date? Hot Mysterious Guy #1 or Hot Mysterious Guy #2?

We’re a sucker for a good dystopian read. It’s one of our favourite genres to delve into and although some of our favourite worlds are ABSOLUTELY terrifying, they ALSO have us hooked from page to page.

Take James Patterson’s latest novel, ‘Crazy House’, for instance. What a book!

Have you ever thought about what would happen if real life turned into a YA dystopian novel, though? We definitely have and there might be more perks to it than you think.

Sure, you’d have to run a lot – like one HECK of a lot. We’re not sure about you but we failed the bleep test in P.E, so we’re not too keen on that idea.

But you’d also get to choose between Hot Mysterious Guy #1 and Hot Mysterious Guy #2? Perhaps, even the Hot Best Friend?!


Here’s what else would happen if your life was a YA dystopian novel.

Tbh, it all sounds pretty badass and we’re totally on board when it comes to that embracing the messy  ‘don’t mind me, just hanging out in the wilderness’ look.

Is this a quote from ‘Riverdale’ or ‘Crazy House’?

VOTE: Which of your fave stars would survive THIS dystopian society?

1. You’d never have to worry about brushing your teeth or getting your period ever again

Even if you’re tracking in the wilderness for days, these things will be mysteriously taken care of.

2. You’ll probs get a headache from your romantic triangle


3. You’ll suddenly be faced with incredibly difficult choices, like whether your loyalties belong to the resistance or your new rulers

That sounds super scary, but we’re up for the challenge!

4. You’ll never be able to trust adults

Expect maybe THAT one guy because he’s super chill.

5. You’ll basically turn into the biggest punk ever

After all, your life will involve starting a revolution.

6. You’re shy but will eventually be so kickass no one can handle it


7. You’ll also be able to throw an incredible punch in no time at all!


8. You’ll have green eyes!

No idea why, you just will, okay?!

9. MIND CONTROL will be a thing


10. You’ll be able to pull off the greasy haired look

So edgy. So cool.

11. You’ll become a pro (or awfully bad) at games

Apply those skills to Scrabble, ASAP.

12. Your world will literally involve the *fire emoji*

You probs won’t have a phone to actually text the fire emoji but eh – we can’t have it all, can we? Plus real life flames, look pretty darn’ cool.

What would you love about living in a YA dystopian novel? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Written by Emma Matthews

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