VOTE: Which of your fave stars would survive THIS dystopian society?

It’s scary af

Picture the scene. Your parents are absent and the only person you have in your life is your twin sibling.

You guys are doing the best you can by looking after the family farm.


But, when you wake up one morning you discover your sibling is missing.

Are you starting to panic yet?!

Well… get ready to.

Your twin has been kidnapped and thrown into a maximum security children’s prison on Death Row.


To stay alive, your twin has to fight to the death and survive the cruel torture his/her captors are putting them through.

You meanwhile need to go above and beyond to get them back.

Up for the challenge?

Of course you are.

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This is the plot in James Patterson’s brand new novel, ‘Crazy House’, and as you’ve probs already guessed from the thrilling storyline, it’s one of the most gripping books you’ll read this summer.

Packed full of action and eerie moments, the plot sees twins Becca and Cassie give the power of sisterhood a whole new meaning, as they put their lives on the line in this creepy dystopian universe.

The whole story got us wondering which of our fave stars would survive James Patterson’s world? Any ideas?

If you were in Becca’s position, who would you trust to come and rescue you? We don’t mean in a lovey-dovey “Prince Charming” way, either. So get those thoughts of Harry Styles sweeping you off your feet out of your head, right now.

This world is dangerous so your gonna need someone who’s willing to go to extreme lengths and kick some serious ass when it comes to freeing you.

Are they willing to lie and break rules? Because they’ll need to in order to get you back.

Vote for the star you think has got what it takes in the poll.

Also make sure you tell us why that star is most likely to survive James Patterson’s world in the comment section, below.

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And the winners are… WIN 1 of 10 signed copies of the book you won’t ever get out of your head!

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