MP! Exclusive: Queen Muser Baby Ariel teaches us what it means to be a feminist in 2017

We’re serving a whole load of “YAS QUEEN” right now

Some people need no introduction and legend, Baby Ariel, is undoubtedly one of those. She is Queen of Musers with over 15 million followers on the app, 2 million followers on YouTube and almost 6 million Instagram followers.

But still she is completely and totally Baby Ariel.

True dat bro.

We decided that it was time for MP! to meet the global phenomenon and find out exactly what made the world fall in love with her. Tbh didn’t take us long at all…

Hi Ariel! So we know you have a shedload of fans, but sometimes to really get to know a person you need to see how they deal with haters. Do you get much negativity? How do you deal with it?

I do get a lot of hate and at first it definitely did bother me because I was confused as to why people were calling me names and saying rude things about me on my pictures and my videos. But as I continued with social media I realised that they really don’t know me for me and for whatever reason they’re commenting, it’s a dumb reasons and they shouldn’t be commenting. But in the end I just need to ignore it and overcome it and just be myself and not worry about it.

This brings us onto our favourite Baby Ariel mantra:

“You hate me.You’re just jealous”

And the perfect screengrab to go with it. Boom!

Who is your strongest female role model?

My strongest female role model would definitely be my mum because ever since I was little she’s taught me everything that I need to know now. She’s always been by my side and she’s my mum! She teaches me everything and I love her.

Do you think public figures who identify as feminists are morally obligated to attend events like The Women’s March?

I don’t think any feminist should feel morally obligated to attend those kinds of things. I think anybody in those situations should use their voice and do something they feel is the most powerful. For example, if they feel like going to The Women’s March will make a difference and get their point across, then go to The Women’s March.

But if you feel like writing something, like an essay, and posting it online to tweet or Facebook is going to make more of a difference, then do that. I don’t think anybody should feel morally obligated to do anything really. You do what you feel is going to make a difference.

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What’s is your favourite video you’ve done?

Probably, my favourite Musically video of the ones I’ve done would be my Nicki Minaj Musical.lys. Or Eminem Musical.lys.

What is your favourite video by another artist?

I really love Lauren Godwin’s Musical.lys as you can tell she puts a lot of time into them and they always turn out really funny. She gets into all these different costumes, really thinks about the characters and what she’s doing. Really entertaining.

What is your favourite viral challenge?

Ooh, that’s a good one. There’s definitely been a few viral challenges have done that have been my favourites. I think it was actually my first one – one to a Jason Derulo song – and I was able to do it with a few of my friends so that made it fun.

Are you working on any original music at the moment?

My dad and I have actually been spending a lot of time writing songs and working on the songs and the melodies and the piano with them. So it’s definitely something to look forward to in the the future. Right now we’re just using the piano to figure out the melody and everything so I’m not sure exactly yet but we’ll see what happens.

Any last words for people who watch your videos?

Well, thank you guys for watching my videos. I love you guys so much, have a great day and thank you!

Thanks for talking to us Baby Ariel, we absolutely adore you and we can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for you. 

Watch out for the second part of our Baby Ariel interview where she will be sharing her ultimate tips on how to make your account pop. Coming reeeeeeeeaaaaal soon xoxo.

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