1975’s Matty Healy does not hold back when it comes to 1D

There seems to be some dislike between The 1975 and One Direction… We smell a pop feud on its way.


The 1975’s Matty Healy did not hold back when asked about the One Direction boys. He opened up about being asked to work with the band a year or two ago, revealing he doubts they have any artistic credibility despite admitting that they are actually “nice guys”.


“They got me in and they said, ‘We really like your band. Would you write a song for us?’,” Matty revealed “[But] they didn’t seem to be actually that interested. They just wanted to play me this song that they said was really, really inspired by us.”


Matty revealed the boys then played him their track ‘Change Your Ticket’ from their album ‘FOUR’, which had a VERY similar sound to the 1975’s track ‘Girls’, causing him to drop a bit of tough love advice on 1D.

“Listen guys, fill your boots, the song doesn’t sound that much like ‘Girls’. But the guitar and the whole vibe of it is a complete lift,” he advised. “So take the guitars off and we’re good.”

We’re not quite sure whether Matty is serious or just having a laugh… because if we remember correctly, he made out with a cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles in The 1975’s ‘Love Me’ music video.


He also added “It would have been a bad 1975 song.”


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