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Ronan Keating is envious of One Direction? Gasp!

We think it’s pretty normal to be a bit jealous of One Direction, they get to travel the world, get a bit crazy and obviously they got to spent 24/7 with each other. Yet, it turns out Ronan Keating, ex-Boyzone member is envious!

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Seems a bit strange right, surely they had a similar lifestyle? Nope! According to Ronan “I was too busy trying to be the perfect pop star or making sure I said all the right things. I look at the lads from One Direction now and I’m envious of them. They’re having a great time. I was a 16-year-old kid with a 30 year-old head on my shoulders.”

You’re as young as you feel Ronan, you can still get wild now, especially with the new album coming out!


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