The 10 faces of The 1975’s vocal angel Matty Healy

The 1975 have been releasing a few songs off their new album recently and while we wait excitedly and ever not so patiently for ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ to drop we thought we’d go through the many faces of Matty Healy.

1. Ladies man Matty. Of course he likes the girls and of course the girls like him.
tumblr_n7fmmpUdXT1qfgfzuo3_2502. Fashion Matty, the boy knows what he wants and he works it.24bf0572c044615813301d783f00ff493. In-depth Matty. We love it when he goes off into an insight into his head. The boy has so much knowledge. (Stay in school kids.)tumblr_njazseu13R1tknl59o1_500 4. Dancing Matty, there’s nothing better than when he’s moving them hips.tumblr_mt6f4b1goV1sirf57o1_5005. Little boy Matty. Those moments he goes off into the Matty that isn’t in a band and just become the guy hanging with his mates being lads and laughing at immature jokes.
tumblr_ndori8NBTJ1u1f4m0o1_5006. Sleepy Matty. He really is a sleeping beauty. We love it when he sleeps, for he is so beautiful yet so unaware of it.tumblr_inline_mxk7hvNKfg1rt24327. Cute Matty. The Matty you want to take home to meet your mum, and squeeze!tumblr_n7uk1ySJXR1sh3qpyo2_2508. Unimpressed Matty. He does not want to know. Not into it at all.tumblr_n7enqj8XwU1sd713qo1_2509. Intense Matty. When he get all his emotion caught in a moment. It makes us weak. Jelly to da bone.tumblr_inline_mxk7hmgBrM1rt2432

10. Grown up naught Matty. We love the way he doesn’t always colour inside the lines.
giphy (92)

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