Lush are keeping the ’00s emo dream alive with their new black bath bomb

Gerard Way would TOTALLY approve

Listen up, ex-MySpace fanatics! Lush are keeping the ’00s emo dream alive this month with the release of their first ever black bath bomb. Who said it was 2017 anyway?

It’s black, it’s gloomy, and it’s a complete throwback to the days we spent smudging our eyes with khol eyeliner and cranking up the volume of My Chemical Romance‘s ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’.

The bomb in question is called ‘Metamorphosis’, and according to the Lush website, it’s ‘a symphony of darkness and light’. Sounds pretty fancy, right? Well, this is where the cool part comes in.

On the outside, the bath bomb is totally at one with our super dark souls. THNKS FR THE MMRS, LUSH! But as soon as it hits the water, it fizzes into a vibrant medley of orange, pink, yellow and green.

So basically…

It’s really emo one minute

Metamorphosis is here! 💜 #LushSummit #LushOxfordStreet #LushCosmetics

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But also kinda cute


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The bath bomb is just one of the many new buys to hit LUSH’s shelves in the upcoming months.

From fox-shaped bubble bars to lip scrubs that taste like slush puppy, heaps of new products were showcased at this year’s Lush Summit. Here are a few of our favourites.

QUIZ: Which boy should should you kiss under the mistletoe this Xmas based on your fave bath bomb?

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This buy’s important!

Ideal if you’ve got a sweet tooth

This one’s super pretty

A few things from the new Easter collection

All the colours!

How cute is that bubble bar

Bet they smell amazing


What do you think of Metamorphosis? Have any of the other products caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!


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