I made a Lush-style lip scrub and here’s how you can too

It’s actually so simple!

From tasty cupcake facemasks to intergalactic bath bombs, we here at MP! can’t get enough of Lush! Not only are they constantly brightening up our Instagram feeds, but they also work pretty darn well, don’t they?

One of our favourite Lush products is their tangy lip scrub. From popcorn to bubblegum to chocolate, it comes in a wide variety of flavours and helps exfoliate your lips during the colder months.

In fact, the team love Lush’s buy so much, we’ve decided to try and make a DIY version of it. Spoiler alert: it’s not as hard as you might think.

What You’ll Need

  • Sugar
  • Olive Oil
  • Flavouring (E.g. vanilla, peppermint, orange etc.)
  • Food Colouring
  • Small Jar

We first measured out three tablespoons of sugar into a mixing bowl. Any sugar will work. But, if you plan on following this recipe and have sensitive lips, you might want to pick one with a finer grain, so it won’t be too harsh on your skin.

Next, we added one tablespoon of olive oil to the bowl. This helps balance the recipe out and restores some much-needed moisture to your lips. We then mixed the ingredients together until the scrub was nice and sticky.

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For the scrub to look and smell like the real-deal, we next added two important ingredients: food colouring and flavoured extract.

MP! opted for a red shade and the sweet scent of vanilla, but there are plenty of combinations to try out. For your very own “Mint Julips” scrub add a dash of peppermint or for a Bubblegum scrub mix in a vibrant pink dye.

Once, we mixed together all the ingredients, we then spooned it into a small jar. And there we have it! It’s as easy to make as that. The only job left to do is apply it.

We simply dabbed the product on our finger before rubbing it in a circular motion over our lips. This helps loosen dead skin and get rid of the harsh, chapped texture we’re all prone to during the colder months. It’s also an all-year-round essential if you’re a fan of liquid lippies, as they can dry out your lips and cause the skin to peel and split. They weren’t lying when they said beauty comes with a price, hey?

Fancy making it yourself? Comment below and show us photos of your LUSH-style scrub.

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