LazyTown’s Stephanie is all grown up and you won’t BELIEVE what she looks like now

Now here’s a blast from the past

We were feeling nostalgic last weekend and it occurred to us that it’s been ages since we indulged in a bit of our fave kids TV from when we were younger.

So naturally we had a mega marathon featuring all our old faves like ‘iCarly‘, ‘Victorious‘, ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’ and then we delved even deeper and discovered an old classic – ‘LAZYTOWN‘!





We die. How could we have forgotten this classic piece of TV gold, and the bangin’ theme tune ‘Bing Bang’.

Ahhh… we legit lived for LazyTown back in the day! Back when we used to voluntarily get up at 6am we used to sneak downstairs and binge on it like there was no tomorrow. Those were the good old days.

When we were rewatching a few questions sprung into our heads.

First of all, did anyone else not even notice that this show was about healthy living?

Obviously, we always had cravings for green s**t and general moving aroundness after watching, but we never clocked that it was because every single episode was about the main character, Stephanie, teaming up with bungling superhero Sportacus to help make the residents of LazyTown be more athletic.

We just liked the bright colours tbh.

Also, why did Stephanie have such crap friends?

Take Stingy for example, he literally thought he owned the whole damn town. If I was Stephanie’s mother I would have a serious problem with her choices.

But the biggest question we had after rekindling our romance with LazyTown was what in the world had happened to Stephanie herself?

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We did some digging and heres what Julianna Rose Mauriello, the actress who played Stephanie, looks like now.

We doubt the lightning strike is a permanent addition, but it kinda suits her, don’t cha think?

After leaving ‘LazyTown’ in 2007, Julianna then appeared in a short film ‘A Fix’ in 2008 as a victim of high school bullying. She also appeared as Stephanie in ‘LazyTown Extra’ for one season, but after that she took an extended break from acting, having only provided voiceover once in 2013 ‘The Doc Files’ since then.

Julianna is now 25 and currently studying for a medical degree, but she is still super proud of her ‘LazyTown’ days.

Now we’ve got a question, imagine if it was announced that ‘LazyTown’ was coming back to TV. Would you watch a ‘LazyTown’ revamp just for the nostalgia value? Have your say in the comments.

Secretly fangirling over LazyTown? You should probably take this quiz to find out what kind of fangirl you are…


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