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Quiz: Can you actually remember all the lyrics to the ‘Victorious’ theme song?

“You don’t have to be afraid to put your dream in action”

It’s only been four years since ‘Victorious’ came off from our screens and we’re already feeling the loss! It might mean our fave Ariana Grande has moved onto slaying the music scene but ‘Dangerous Woman’ can only fill the gaping void of ‘Make it Shine’ so much.

Just like all these old Disney bangers, the ‘Victorious’ theme song gets us all kinds of emosh now too.

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There was a point in our lives where we could recite the song in our sleep and tbh we reckon we still could. It’s a serious catchy classic.

How about you? There’s no need to be ashamed of this guilty pleasure. Even if you won’t admit it to yourself we all know you’re secretly old school Disney channel obsessed – and so are we. When this brand new HSM duet broke we literally flipped out.

So, do you think you can prove yourself as the ultimate Disney channel fan? See if you can remember all the lyrics to Victorious’ ‘Make It Shine’ as well as we can:

Were you victorious or was it just a massive flop? Let us know in the comments how you did.

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