Here’s why it’s not OK that people attacked Lauren Jauregui for her political opinions

If there’s one thing we appreciate at MP!, it’s a healthy debate. But some people just don’t seem to know the meaning of the phrase.

Our beloved Lauren Jauregui took to Twitter on Wednesday to express her views on the upcoming US election, which is her right as a US citizen.

Here Lauren is referring to The Green Party’s candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.

After publishing a volley of tweets Lauren was then attacked by trolls who targeted her for expressing her opinions. Lauren responded saying this

“Some of you are so mean yeah, I didn’t know about Jill..and I shared it with people and then like all of this crazy shit happened. I’m taking a break from this… y’all can have your fun and make whatever assumptions about my character you want.”

Lauren did return to Twitter a few hours later, but the damage quite frankly has been done. It’s unlikely that she will be inclined to share her opinions with her fans again due to the harsh backlash she experienced this time, and that is a real shame.


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Everyone is entitled to their opinions whether you agree or not and regardless of whether you consider them ill-informed. We should be encouraging debate and discussion, which both promote progression and improvement in society. It’s just so wrong to tear people down for being brave enough to tell us their views.

Lauren’s bandmate, Normani, also felt obliged to leave Twitter in August due to racist cyberbullies. She has since returned but it’s another example of Twitter trolls going way too far.

Unfortunately the anonymous nature and lack of physical connection on Twitter mean that people feel they can be downright nasty without any repercussions at all. We bet most of the trolls wouldn’t dream of saying the things they say on Twitter in real life. Mostly, because they’d probably get more than what they bargained for, followed by a whole can of ass kickin’ to boot!


People need to change their attitude towards Twitter. It’s not just a place where you can vent your nastiness on the world and if we’re not careful we’ll turn our fave pop stars away from sharing their lives and opinions with us on social media.

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Written by David Farrell

David is the Head of Content at Maximum Pop!

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