“I have a fear of dying in the blackness of space”. We get existential with Jack and Dean

Leave it to the unprofessionals

Comedy double-act Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs are back with for a second series of their hit show ‘Jack and Dean of All Trades’, which also features Jessica Hynes and ‘Game Of Thrones” Jacob Anderson.

The hilarious series sees the boys trying to hold down a variety of temp jobs whilst dealing with an (almost) accidental bank robbery. Just take a look at this awks AF clip.

Is it possible to die from cringing? After seeing that, we think it might be.

We decided to catch up with Jack and Dean to find out more about the new series and quiz them on everything YouTube. Here’s how it went:

MP!: Hi Jack and Dean. Could you give us brief intro to the series in 30 seconds?

Jack and Dean: Yeah sure the show is called ‘Jack and Dean of All Trades’ and it’s basically about two guys who don’t really know what they want to do with their lives which is sort of the way that most people in their 20s feel.

MP!: We sympathise.

Jack and Dean: So they sign up to a temp agency where they meet Jessica Hynes’ character who assigns them jobs, always together, always working together. We never really acknowledged why they are always put to work together.

MP!: It must be fate.

Jack and Dean: Yeah fate. So basically it’s that they go on different jobs every single episode but that’s just a starting point for the show, just sort of a little bit like a way to get it to a different situation, so just funny situations or awkward situations could happen and it’s not really a show about how are they going to pay the rent or are they going to make enough money.

MP!: Could you name the five defining characteristics about Jack and Dean?

Jack and Dean: I think that Jack is a little bit arrogant. He thinks he is better than his situation. He is a dreamer and he’s got like wild ideas. He’s got this idea of success in his head where he’d be like what’s the worst that could happen? He ambitious but without any sort of specific goals and he’s got this obsession with respect and being looked up to.

I also think he is incredibly loyal and caring and when he’s amongst different people like when he is around like his girlfriend Emma, he is very different from when he is with Dean. He is much more vulnerable and awkward when she’s around. You can pull from that what you want.

Jack and Dean: Dean’s a bit of a weirdo. He doesn’t function how a normal person should. I think he enjoys chaos a little bit. I think he likes it when his day is a little bit more weird. He clearly gets a kick out of Jack’s driven attitude because I think if Jack’s gonna do something, he’ll probably like yeah I’ll go with you. I’ll make easy for you. He enjoys that sort of stuff.

Although he’s a peculiar character, I think Dean is in a way smarter than Jack. When he’s interested in something he knows way more about it, and that’s demonstrated a couple of times in the show and where like he knows a lot about a particular subject.

MP!: Jack and Dean do have loads of hidden talents!

Jack: Yeah, Dean’s also like incredibly well-versed on like women’s rights and feminism. I think he’s more sure of himself but I think Jack’s trying to find the sort of person that he’s gonna be. But with Dean, he’s sort of like, this is who I am and I’m confident in that and that’s okay.

Dean: Yeah, basically the total opposite of me haha.

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P!: What’s the kookiest episode storyline you’ve sound-boarded which didn’t end up in the series?

Jack and Dean: Oh that’s easy. There’s one that we didn’t use in series 1 for the second episode where Jack and Dean are painters. That episode is about Jack’s fantasy of asking out this girl and what would happen if he does or doesn’t do it and, in the original script, Jack fantasises about getting engaged and then ends up staying in the fantasy because he prefers it there. The whole episode took place inside Jack’s head.

MP!: That’s deep.

Jack and Dean: And it was the second episode of the show, so we’d gone so weird so fast and Fullscreen was like you can’t go that bizarre that quickly.

MP!: Would you not like reuse it later on in the series?

Jack and Dean: I think it’s one of those things where it depends on how long the show goes on for. But the more we make the show, it feels like that might not be the right tone. But who knows, we might find the perfect match in the future episodes if we get to make more.

MP!: What is one job that you’d never do?

Jack and Dean: In real life?

MP!: Yes!

Jack: Hmm I mean legitimately I would never ever be an astronaut. Ever!

MP!: How come?

Jack: I have a fear of dying in the blackness of space.

MP!: Whoa! You’ve really thought about this.

Dean: I wouldn’t be a cleaner.

MP!: If you weren’t doing what you were doing, what would you love to do?

Jack: It’s interesting to ask a question like that to somebody like us. We’re both at the beginning and we’re very lucky to do what we do and we’re taking steps towards our dream job. But if I did have to do something different I think teaching wouldn’t be that bad.

Dean: You know what, I have similar ideas. I feel like I have a lot to teach the upcoming, future Olympians.

MP!: Haha which sport specifically?

Dean: I think darts/dance.

Jack: They say that “Those who can’t do, teach”, but I don’t believe that. Angelina Jolie is now lecturing at universities in London. I’d like to be in a position where I can bestow some knowledge unto the next generation.

MP!: YouTube is a tool for imparting your knowledge as thousands of people will watch your videos so in a way you’ve combined teaching and YouTube!

Jack and Dean: Yeah!

MP!: What is the least likely thing you’d ever say in your life?

Jack: I think I’m least likely to say “I quit”. The thing I’m least likely to do is to give up on something, to say “no this is not me anymore”. I think no matter what, even if all this folds into a vacuum of space at least I think that I would always try.

MP!: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done on camera?

Jack: We made a made a video a couple years ago, called “Naked”. Being naked is something we’ve never done for any video of any type and because I didn’t wanna do full frontal, we made a sort of pouch with a sock, like a pocket to go “there”.

MP!: Like a Tarzan loin cloth.

Jack: It was stuck to me but it was only enough to cover the exact amount. There was no more cloth, it was like I was wearing something over my genitals. It was just covering everything it needed to. And that is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done on camera. Luckily, the raw footage hasn’t been seen by that many people.

Dean: There was a point in that video where our cameraman Gareth was only pointing the camera at Jack’s crotch. He was actually distracted by what he was looking at. I’ve done a lot of weird things on camera. Season one in the fifth episode of ‘Jack and Dean of All Trades’ I sit in a coffin that was made just for me for my own funeral.

I just had to sit there and enjoy my own funeral with friends crying over me. I really did a good job, like one of them got quite upset. Yeah, we’re never ever doing a sequel to that.

MP!: And last question, who is the most fanciable YouTuber?

Jack: You mean other than Dean?

MP!: Goes without saying.

Jack: I think it’s a combination of Bertie Gilbert and Savannah Brown. I think they’re coolest people. Like they just look cool, they are cool to talk to, incredibly attractive, photogenic. It’s annoying and also they don’t seem to be putting much effort into that.

‘Jack and Dean of all Trades’ is available to watch on Fullscreen commercial-free video platform now. 

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