We met Rose and Rosie – the YouTube sensations who are better than most YouTube sensations!

“I work out daily so I have a great bum”

With over 60 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every single minute of every single day, it’s hard to keep up with what’s popular. But never fear, because Maximum Pop! is here to make sure you stay ahead of the curve and to fulfil all your YouTube needs. And right now we have our beady monocled eyeballs planted squarely on the lovely Rose and Rosie.

If you’ve heard of them already, we’re sure you just smiled to yourself at the thought of the delightful duo. You can’t help but fall head over heels for their whimsical YouTube shenanigans and good-natured banter, and that’s not even considering the fact that they’re complete couple goals. Just take a look at one of their recent videos and bask in the company of your fave new pairing.

We were right, or were we right?

(Spoiler: We were right).

But for those of you who are still making this face at the screen…

It’s your lucky day because it’s time to be personally introduced to the couple who are “better than most couples”. We got Rosie to fill in our infamous MP! quiz sheet so you can get to know her better.

And that’s not all, we also had a delightful chat with both Rose AND Rosie about everything from Rose’s mythical solo album to what it’s like to be LGBT role models:

MP!: Hey Rose and Rosie! The team at MP! have literally been trawling through your videos all day and we have been in stitches!

Rose and Rosie: Thank you!!!

MP!: First things first, we have to discuss your latest video about your first solo album, Rose.

Rose: Haha that’s one of our favourite ones too! What we do sometimes is, we just whack out the guitar and just see what happens and usually it’s musical gold. 

MP!: So, are your videos completely improvised?

Rose: Absolutely yes! We never script our videos. Sometimes we do have a topic in mind, but sometimes we don’t and we’ll just sit down and chat. 

MP!: What would you say is the key to being a good YouTuber

Rose: I do have some thoughts about this actually! I think you need to start YouTube for the right reasons. I think the key really is that you should really believe in what you’re talking about, make content that you enjoy yourself and not changing or adapting. It should feel authentic and true because people will be able to tell if it’s contrived or fake. 

Rosie: There’s nothing more contagious than fun and passion!

MP!: Do you think that what makes your content so great is your unique dynamic?

Rose: I think I am quite lucky in that sense because making YouTube videos with Rosie is very easy because it’s just having a conversation with my wife and we are lucky that we have such great chemistry on and off screen I suppose.

Rosie: It definitely helps.

MP!: Did you each focus on your own individual channels before you met?

Rose: Yeah, I did. I actually only had it because I did film at uni and I just would dabble with online videos to see if we could get anything to go viral. Of course, nothing went viral but I did pretty well in the first week with my first ever YouTube video. It was a Ke$ha ‘TiK ToK’ video parody and it got around 15,000 hits in about 5 days and blew my mind so I continued doing it as a hobby. And then I met Rosie, we started going out and we kept on doing it just as something to do really, and then it blew up and now we are here.

Of course, we’ve dug up the clip of Rose’s Ke$ha parody ‘cos it’d be rude not to. 

MP!: When was the first moment you thought, you know what, we’ve made it? 

Rose: I think going to a YouTube convention and meeting people who actually watch your videos really brings it home. It’s really touching. It’s really mind blowing, that was great. Also, I think, when we got to interview Tom Hanks

Rosie: That was like, “Reality check. Am I dreaming?”

MP!: How do you prepare for something like that? How do you not get nervous? 

Rose: Oh we still get nervous! It’s all about just dealing with your nerves and thinking they’re going to make you perform better rather than worse. Also, a YouTuber friend of ours always says, “Follow your fear”. 

MP!: That’s a good tagline. Almost as good as the one for your YouTube channel, ‘Better than most channels’. 

Rose: Haha yes I think it’s quite funny because we haven’t said better than all channels, just most. It’s kinda self-deprecating in a way. But yeah we stuck with it and it seems to be working. 

MP!: Do you have any YouTuber BFFs?

Rosie: Yeah, we’ve got lots of YouTuber BFFs!

Rose: We hang out with Grace Helbig and Naomi Smart when we’re in America.

MP!: The LGBT element is a large part of your videos. Who were your LGBT role models when you were growing up?

Rose: It was tough really because when I was growing up there wasn’t a lot on television that really gave me anyone to look up to, apart from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. The Willow Rosenberg gay storyline helped me a lot actually, but as a teen that was the only representation I had. 

Rosie: I didn’t have any role models. I didn’t know anyone who was bisexual. I couldn’t watch Ellen because I didn’t have Sky TV. But now I’ve started watching ‘Pretty Little Liars’ in which Shay Mitchell plays a gay girl and I think I’m living what I should have had then now. I’m kind of obsessed with it. 

MP!: So would you say LGBT kids are better off these days because they’ve got role models like yourselves?

Rose: Yeah, I actually do think it’s slightly better now for young people to have that kind of role model. When Rosie and I were younger, YouTube wasn’t really a thing that you could turn to in order to find real people’s stories.

Rosie: And there are amazing things on YouTube now, like people are documenting their journeys and speaking about gay issues that I wouldn’t have known anything about when I was younger. I really do think that you can educate yourself online nowadays. 

Rose: And this is why I think most YouTubers are really relatable for young people. It’s that stripped back realness and discussion about things you have gone through that helps the audience realise they’re not alone in whatever problem they might be facing. 

MP!: Do you think that is the reason why YouTube has become so popular now?

Rosie: Definitely!

Rose: I definitely think it is. I also think we are living in an open society where everyone uploads, people watch ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and things like YouTube, Snapchat and live streaming just makes it easy for people to be a fly on the wall. Aand I really love that.

Rosie: It’s very different to old school celebrities. They’re unattainable but I feel like YouTuber are just average joes. I think that’s the key. 

MP!: Do you know your porn star name? It’s your mother’s maiden name and the name of your first pet. 

Rosie: Mine would be Minnie Bytheway. My mother’s maiden name is Bytheway!  

Rose: Mine would be Hammy Cooper because I had a hamster that I obviously called Hammy haha! So that’s lovely. 

MP!: We recently did a quiz about condom flavours and I wanted to see whether you knew which ones were real or not. So, basically I’m going to give you 4 flavours and you have to guess which one is real. The flavours are “spaghetti Bolognese”, “garlic”, “cookie” and “beer”?

Rose: Beer’s definitely going to be real.

Rosie: Beer!

MP!: Is that your final answer?

Rose: No! I wanna say cookie. Rosie’s going with beer. I’m going with cookie.

MP!: The real answer is actually garlic.

Rose: OH MY GOD!

Rosie: WHAT!

Rose: That’s awful.

Rosie: That’s insane.

QUIZ: From sushi to skittles: Can you guess which of these condom flavours are real? 

#YouTubeIsOverParty: Is YouTube homophobic for restricting LGBTQ+ content? 

MP!: What’s the shadiest thing that you have done?

Rose: OMG! When Rosie and I started dating, I used to log into her Facebook and read her messages. 

Rosie: AND if I hadn’t read a message she would wait until I’d opened it to read it.

Rose: I HAD GOOD REASONS. Well, I didn’t really.

Rosie: She used to read my diary!

MP!: Give us your unfiltered thoughts on Camila Cabello. 

Rose: Rosie, I’ll take this! I love Camila Cabello more than anything in the world.

Rosie: Such a genuine person!

Rose: It’s my dream to meet her and tell her that I love her in a non-creepy sense. 

Rose: It’s funny because she’s about 8 and half years younger than me but is my total life goal inspiration.

MP!: What is the first thing that you will do if you meet her in person?

Rosie: Kiss her feet probably.

Rose: I would probably try and act really cool and collected but be totally fangirling inside. I actually think that we would get on really well. Is that pushing my luck?

Rosie: Yeah, I’d try and act cool as well.

MP!: So, obviously your album ‘Sanity’ is coming out 2031 and we are all really looking forward to it. What themes are you writing about on the album?

Rose: My album ‘Sanity’ is every genre, so it’s like Jazz/Pop/Folk/Garage/House/Country. It really is a mish-mash of everything. I think people will be blown away because my intrinsic musical talent is better than most. And Rosie will rap on the album. 

Rosie: Yeah, I don’t know if you know this but I’m kind of a big deal in the rapping scene. Like if you thought Honey G was good on the ‘X Factor’, you haven’t heard Rosie Spaughton yet!

MP!: At the end of your video you say you might sing a serious song? Which song are you leaning towards? 

MP!: It would be a Camila Cabello or 5H song. MP!: Would you attempt the Spanish lyrics in Pitbull, J Balvin and Camila Cabello’s ‘Hey Ma’?

Rose: Oh my God. I love that video! Honestly, one of my goals is to know every word in Spanish to that song.

MP!: You know we have a lyric quiz for ‘Hey Ma’ so you can go on the site and learn all the words.

Rose: Haha that was created for me!

MP!: What advice would you give to your 14 year old selves?

Rose: I would say to myself don’t give up and keep believing that you can achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t go down a path in life that doesn’t fit you, whether its academic or whatever. Be yourself, believe in what you can do, have courage in convictions and go for it.

Rosie: I would just say…

Rose: Don’t eat gluten.

Rosie: Ha yeah, don’t eat gluten. That’s a great one, Rose.

MP!: If you appeared in ‘Game of Thrones’ how do think your story line would go and would you survive?

Rose: I’d be a princess with psychic powers who can also fly and I would rule everything.

Rosie: I wouldn’t understand my own storyline because I started watching ‘Game of Thrones’ season 1 and I didn’t get it.  

Rose: Oh maybe I’d get with the dragon princess (Daenerys Targaryen) if I wasn’t married in ‘GOT’.

Rosie: Oh I’d wanna get with her too!

MP!: Maybe you can be part of her harem of lovers.

Rose and Rosie: Yep. Definitely!

Rose & Rosie tour are hitting the road from 23 April this year, embarking on a 6 date UK and Ireland tour. Grab tickets here.

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