8 amazing jobs for teens which WILL cure unemployment


Camila’s not worried.. so neither are we. Except perhaps about what we’re going to do with our lives 😱. People are constantly putting pressure on us to find work but jobs for teens are really hard to come by! It’s so stressful that makes us want to chew our fingernails right off, and then Harry Styles definitely wouldn’t date us.

FML! It’s a bloody vicious cycle.


There’s also the problem of having to work in an office. We literally can’t think of anything worse than getting up early, fighting through rush hour traffic only to arrive at work and be chained to the same desk for hours on end.

The dream would be to work from home like Fifth Harmony, but it’s just so hard to find that kind of golden opportunity. Where are all the jobs for teens, dammit!?

*Friendly MP! person comes over*

“Hey there, we know jobs for teens are ridiculously hard to come by but we have a few suggestions that might just be the solution to your problem…”

1. Become an online journalist

Writing jobs for teens are admittedly quite difficult to find, and you definitely would have to start blogging first to show your dedication and drive. But, if you’re passionate enough about writing then you can try to carve out a niche for yourself.

Us lot from Maximum Pop! are living proof that there are jobs for teens who want to get into the world of journalism. Check out this post from one of our current music writers…

How running a One Direction fan account got me my dream job at 15


You can contribute to Maximum Pop!’s Fan Blog as a starting point. We are accepting articles about fan projects, fandoms, you know us! Submit to [email protected] if you have an idea. It’s truly one of the best jobs for teens!

2. Social media co-ordinator 

Who knows social media better than you? You send about 300 Snapchats a day, you monitor Twitter for Justin Bieber news constantly, you rape FB and Tumblr of their memes on the reg and you are honestly the true unsung queen of Insta (sorry Selena!). Most people above 30 haven’t even heard of half of those platforms. If anything was a job for teens then social media is it!

3. Become a blogger/ start your own website

If you have a passion then there’s nothing better you can do than write about it, which is why blogging is one of the best jobs for teens. Whether you love music, puppies, gardening, taxidermy, there is always someone who will be interested in the same thing and will read your content. That’s not to say you don’t have to be smart about it though. You have to really think about your readers and create something that is useful for them.

But how can I translate my blog about 1D into a actual moneymaker, you ask? Well, traditionally people haven’t seen blogging as a proper job for teens because they don’t have a proper realistic vision for it. The first thing to learn about blogging as a job is that you definitely shouldn’t expect to make money right away. Like with any business, you need to build an audience, a brand, a name for yourself, then you can start trying to monetise.

Credited to

These are the main ways of making money from a blog

  • Advertising
  • Marketing similar products/sites
  • Digital Products (like e-books)
  • Physical Products (self-explanatory 😉)
  • Services

Blogging takes passion and dedication. It’s not the easiest job for teens to do because it takes up a lot of time and is a big commitment (WE HAVE SO MANY EXAMS!), but if you are really passionate about the subject and tech savvy then it’s a job for teens that’s worth pursuing.

4. Become a YouTuber/ vlogger

Look at how much dollar Zoella and PointlessBlog have made. Marcus Butler, doesn’t seem strapped for cash either.


Like blogging, you wouldn’t really consider this as a job for teens, would you? But if you’re really dedicated and people like your content then you can start to make a bit of money on the side. If you’re lucky it can turn into a full time job. The important thing is being passionate though, as any YouTuber would tell you.

5. Language tutoring

Communication is so important nowadays and the online community of fangirls knows this better than anyone else. We chat with people from hundreds of different countries on Twitter per day, and without language skills we would be stuck.

English is becoming the global language so people are increasingly looking to take classes, but many can’t afford it. If you are a native speaker then you should consider online tutoring. It’s the perfect job for teens because you use your existing skills to build confidence. All you need if a few tuition books, a creative brain to think up fun learning games and a good attitude.

You can teach over Skype or you can do it from your own house. That second one would probably require changing out of your sweatpants, although it depends who the client is…


But it’s not all about English!

There are so many people who are gagging to learn language like Mandarin, French, Spanish etc, which means that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs for teens who are native speakers of languages other than English. Websites like Lingoda or MyTutor are great at providing jobs for teens as personal tutors. You’ll find that it’s a really rewarding and you might even make new friends!

6. Translation

If you have great language skills like with job for teens No.5, but you’re an introvert who doesn’t really like talking to people, then translation is the one. This is the perfect job for teens who are a bit antisocial because people will send you texts to translate from one language to another and you don’t even have to utter a single word. MAGIC!


7. Become a proofreader/ editor

If you iz a grammar wizard, then you would boss this job for teens like a badman. People will send you essays and pieces of work to read through and it’s your job to spot the mistakes and make sure everything is perfect. Companies like Textmaster, Upwork, and Amazon Mturk can provide these jobs for teens.

8. Become a pop star

LOL IKR! But actually remember Fifth Harmony were all so young when they first started out so it technically does count as a job for teens. Literally, just go on ‘The X Factor’ and see what happens. Channel your best Fifth Harmony.


So there you have it! These are some of the best jobs for teens around. Some of the jobs are a bit more serious and realistic than others, but we thought it was important to cover all bases 😉

Now go forth and work from home like a boss!


Let us know if you nab yourself one of these jobs for teens by leaving a comment using the comments box.

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Written by David Farrell

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David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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