6 changes Brexit will have on you if you’re a teenager living in Britain

Some things to think about

At the end of last month, Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50. This officially means that Brexit has begun and the country is negotiating an exit deal with the EU.

We have two years to come to a conclusion about an exit deal and now that the article has been triggered, it cannot be stopped.

Just like many of you, we’re gutted about the news. Over 73% of 18 to 24 year-olds voted to remain in the EU and nearly ALL of us have not experienced what life’s like outside of it.

That’s why we’ve been doing some research about the things we can expect now Article 50 has been triggered. According to experts, these are some of the changes that are likely to occur, if they haven’t already.

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1. Studying abroad will be harder

Leaving the EU will affect higher education and our ability to study abroad. Previously, our freedom to move within the EU made it easier and cheaper to attend university in other counties.

EU students were treated as ‘at home students’ as opposed to international students. This mean’t that fees were typically lower.

On average an international student could be expected to pay anything between £15,000–£25,000 a year for a course. Now we’re out of the EU, it’s likely that anyone who wants to study in the UK or any of us who wanted to study anywhere else in the world will be unable to due to the large fees.

2. Living and working abroad will also be harder

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Equally, living and working abroad will also be harder. Prior to Brexit, as UK citizens we had the right to work in any country in the EU and Switzerland without a works permit.

Once we officially leave Europe, this wont be the case and it will be trickier to get one.

3. Prices will go up

Many people have speculated that the economy will take a massive hit once we officially leave the EU. How? Well, there are heaps of reasons.

But, one example is manufacturing, A lot of businesses outsource their manufacturing to other countries in the EU as it’s cheaper. Once we leave the EU, it will become more expensive to do this.

As a result, prices of goods and services will go up.

4. Less jobs

It’s also worth noting that if businesses and companies aren’t brining in the money the used to, they won’t have the funds to hire people. This will inevitably lead to less jobs.

5. Arts and culture will have an impact

One of the major things that will also change after we leave the EU is the arts and culture scene as we know it. Many people are wondering will happen in regards to musicians and theatres touring if work visas are harder to get.

Equally, a lot of us are wondering how Brexit could hit the industry in a wider context. Will it continue to be as culturally diverse as we know it? Or will less freedom to move within the EU impact this?

6. Laws will potentially change

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Some laws we have in the UK are EU laws. Once we leave, the UK will have to decide whether or not to create new ones to replace them.

For example, as a member of the EU, the UK had the The Human Rights Act. Once we leave, Justice Secretary Liz Truss has already mentioned that this MAY be replaced with a British Bill of Rights, which will ‘protect our rights in a better way’.

Other areas of law that will need to be considered are immigration, trading laws and farming and employment policies.

How does leaving the EU impact your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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