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7 ways you can help the Syrian people affected by war right this second

More than just changing your Facebook profile picture

Earlier this week a devastating chemical attack took place in Syria. It was responsible for killing over 72 people (including 10 children) and was one of the worst bombings the country has faced since the civil war began 6 years ago.

Following the attack, more violence has sadly occurred. On April 7, President Donald Trump approved a US airstrike on Syria. On his order, 59 missiles were fired by the U.S. to the Shayrat air base.

According to reports, only 23 hit their target and they have resulted in over 15 deaths and a ‘significant material damage’.

Many Maximum Pop! regulars have been sharing their thoughts about Donald Trump’s decision to launch a missile attack on Syria.

Some have been calling the President a “hypocrite” for the decision. Whilst others have shared their shock, sadness and have been asking fans to pray for the country.

So, what can you do to help? Well, the good news is there are many different ways you can show your support to Syria and assist the people who are still in desperate need of help.

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1. Educate yourself on why it’s happening

Syria’s civil war is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our lifetime, so it’s important to educate yourself on why it’s happening and how it’s affecting civilians.

Unfortunately, the war isn’t talked about enough in school. Equally, we understand that at times fast-paced news reports can make it hard to learn the basics of who/what/why/where/how.

So, with that in mind, we suggest reading this fantastic timeline by the BBC. It explores the history of Syria and key events.

World Vision also has an interactive map that explores the country a little further and breaks down the Syria refugee crisis – explaining things like why people are fleeing their homes and the dangers they face on a daily basis.

2. Find out how UK is involved

As well as educating yourself on why it’s happening, it’s also important to find out how the UK is involved. Just because we’re thousands of miles away from our friends in the U.S. doesn’t mean our decisions don’t have impact. Take Brexit, for instance! That impacted the refugee crisis.

Amnesty UK is an incredible charity that offers information about the latest issues and events in Syria. They speak about a number of different things on their blog that are directly related to UK news such as, ‘Theresa May’s message to the UN: Still shirking not sharing’.

3. Pass this information on and get involved

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Another small thing you can do is pass this information on! The more people who show their support and help Syria, the more impact it will have.

So, write a blog post, send a tweet or simply natter to your family and friends about it. Equally, if there’s any protests or marches around where you live, get involved.

4. Donate to The White Helmets

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The White Helmets are a volunteer-run organisation that help recuse people who are trapped under rubble after bombings. All the money they receive from donations goes towards medical care for injured volunteers. It also helps the families of The White Helmets volunteers who were killed on the job.

5. Help medical care organisations

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Alongside The White Helmets, you can also support various medical care organisations who work in Syria. The Union of Medical Care And Relief Organizations, in particular, have recently launched a fundraising campaign specifically for the families of those who were recently killed the in gas attack in Idlib.

6. Support British Red Cross

British Red Cross have been helping in Syria for years, now. Donations go towards necessities like food, blankets and medicine. Even if you can only spare a little – every pound helps!

7. Encourage your family to support Syria Relief

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Another great charity that you and your family can support is Syria Relief. Again, all money received goes towards food, shelter and medicine. Syria Relief have also built schools and a PTSD centre to help those who are suffering after attacks and conflict.

Let us know how you plan on helping in the comments below.

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