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WATCH: Harry Styles covered Kanye West to LESS THAN 600 people last night!

OMG! You NEED to hear it!

Last night, Harry Styles performed a spur of the moment gig at The Garage in London to celebrate the release of his debut album.

Oh, Harold, you’re so sneaky!

Harry only announced the show a few hours before it was set to kick off.

Obviously tickets sold out within seconds and whilst some fans were over the moon at attending the super intimate 600 people show, others were crying into their pillows because they missed out.

Ugh, he sure knows how to break our hearts, doesn’t he?!

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Well, dry those eyes, Directioners. We’ve found a whole bunch of fan videos from the evening that will cheer you up.

In the clips you can see Harry perform new tracks like ‘Kiwi’ for the very first time, banter with fans and cover Kanye West! Nope – we’re not joking. See for yourself in the vids below.

His Kanye cover sounds sooooo good!

Oh my god…


The one we’ve all been waiting for…

What a joker!

‘Woman’ is one of our faves


Look how close fans were to him



We’re soooo jealous

Love you, Harry!

What’s your favourite track from Harry Styles’ new album? Let us know in the comments below.

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