Everyone’s FREAKING OUT over how badass Harry Styles’ new drummer is! Here’s everything you need to know about her

We totally wanna be her!

Ever since Harry Styles’ first live solo performance on Saturday Night Live, Directioners everywhere have been FREAKING OUT over how badass his new drummer is!

Seriously things are getting a little crazy. You lovely lot either wanna be her or marry her and, quite honestly, we don’t blame you. She’s incredible!

She was AMAZING on SNL…

And, completely slayed on The Graham Norton Show!

Oh and let’s not forget about this bloomin’ brilliant performance of ‘Carolina’ on The Today Show…

Twitter has literally turned into her number one fan club. Just, take a look at some of these super sweet tweets.

Us too!

Yep, we feel ya.


Someone give her a crown, asap.

Don’t we all.


Definitely agree.

Well, it’s funny that you ask… because we DO know her name. In fact, we’ve done a little digging so you guys don’t have to.

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Harry’s new drummer is called Sarah Jones!

She’s used to drum for indie band, Hot Chip…

She also makes her own music under the name Pillow Person…

Her latest song, ‘On Your Way’, is our new fave…

You can find her on Twitter…

She also has Instagram…

And, did we mention that you guys love her???

Someone let us be her!

She’s the best.

*Heart eyes*


If you’re wondering who else is in Harry’s band well, fret not, we’ve also done some digging on the rest of the new members.

Alex Salibian plays guitar and keyboard for Harry. He’s the co-writer of ‘Sign of the Times’ and is one of the album’s producers.

fav moment with Sarah on GN show the other night 💕🌈👩🏻‍💼👩🏼‍💼 @pillowpersonpp styled by @harry_lambert hair by @louteasdale #grahamnorton

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On keyboard is Clare Uchima. She’s played for Kate Tempest and has a couple of solo covers on YouTube. They’re really good and you should def’ check them out.

Last but not least, on guitar is Mitch Rowland. According to the ‘Harry Styles: Behind The Album’ documentary he was working in a pizza shop until two weeks into the recording session.

There we have it, that’s Harry’s band! Which one of his solo songs is your fave? Let us know in the comments below.

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