We photoshopped Harry Potter characters’ hair onto each other really badly and the results are more of a hoot than Hedwig

Hubba hubba

The Harry Potter gang’s hair is almost as iconic as the colour robes they wear. Seriously! Think about it… would Ron really be Ron without the ginger locks? Or how about Draco? Could you imagine him with any other hair colour than white blonde? We think not!

In fact, just thinking about it is making us feel a little uncomfortable.


You know what we’re like, though. Obviously, we wanted to see it. Plus, there are just some things you NEED answers to… like whether Harry would look better as a ginger. Duh.

So, we decided to photoshop a bunch of different Harry Potter characters hair onto each other for the pure lols if nothing else. The results are pretty bloody good as well, muggles.

HAIRlarious, even!

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1. WTF?!

Ron’s hair looks completely different on Harry. Where did the ginger go?!

Either way, we’re not too sure about this HP! look. Is it just us or does Harry just look like a hedgehog? Hmmmm….

2. This is the best thing ever

YAAASSSSSSSS! Hermione’s hair looks so sassy on Ron. He looks like a ’70s hippie and we’re totes into it.

3. Dumble-ron

This is kinda creeping us out. Sorry, Dumbledore.

4. Emo Malfoy

How do you make the school baddie even more terrifying? Give him Harry’s locks and turn him into an emo kid. So much *cry face emoji* is happening right now.

5. Emo Weasley

If that wasn’t enough lol for you, then check out Ron with Harry’s hair. Personally we reckon Ron and Draco should form a My Chemical Romance covers band with these haircuts.

6. LOL

Draco with any haircut apart from his own is just funny. What the heck is this?! He looks like an extra in Game Of Thrones.

7. The girl wizard

Emma Watson could pull off any haircut to be fair. Her short pixie crop back in 2011 proved that. She looks hot with Harry’s hair – end off.

8. OMG

She looks just as good with red hair too! Dye it, Emma! Dye it!

9. No… just no

FFS. We love a man bun just as much as the next person, but Harry could NEVER pull one off.

10. Sassy

Have you seen anything funnier?!

11. We’re SO not sure about this…

Errrrr… thoughts on this one, guys? Harry looks all prim and proper with Draco’s hair. But do we like it? ARGH we can’t decided!


Snooze, Malfoy looks pretty dull with Ron’s hair.



All kinds of *fire emoji*.

Told you it was HAIRlarious! Let us know your fave in the comments below.

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