We created a Harry Potter stress ball, because defeating the Dark Lord is serious business

Just ask any of the Golden Trio!

It goes without saying that defeating the Dark Lord is stressful business. Just ask Harry, Hermione, Ron – or almost anyone else in Hogwarts come to think of it. Voldemort is a dab hand at increasing blood pressure, and he is one stressful guy.

Seriously, just imagine if the Golden Trio had Instagram and Twitter at Hogwarts to document all of this Voldemort-related stress. We can just see it now. Ron would be tweeting:

Bloody hell mate *inserts GIF*

Meanwhile, Hermione would be passively aggressively tweeting V-Mort himself :

[email protected] fear of the handle only creates fear of the thing itself


And with the help of social media, the trio could also have learnt to make their very own stress balls. Not to boast or anything, but kinda like the ones we made…

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Not only are they easy to create, but they’re also an absolute life saver when you’re having a ‘mare of a day. That’s why we thought it was about time to show you how you can make one for yourself.

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Our stress ball is Hogwarts themed and, although, it’s made for muggles only, if you see any of our pals in the Golden Trio when you’re next in Diagon Alley, pass on the instructions. Merlin knows they need one!

What you’ll need

    • A water bottle
    • A balloon
    • Glitter
    • PVA glue

For the first step, we filled half a water bottle with cold water.

We then squeezed in some PVA glue and mixed it together. Simple, right? Honestly, you’ll be amazed at how easy stress balls are created.

Next, we poured in some glitter. As this was a Hogwarts-inspired ball, we added red, green, yellow and blue – our FAVE colours.

However, if that doesn’t float your boat there are plenty of other different things or colour combinations you can try. If you’re a Gryffindor, why not try creating one that’s just full of red and gold beads. Or, if you’re Slytherin, try green and silver.

Once we added the glitter, we stirred everything together.

We then pulled a balloon over the top of the water bottle and slowly began to pour the mixture inside it. Heads up, Muggles – it’s best to do this carefully. Although you want enough of the mixture in the balloon, you don’t want too much (otherwise it will burst).

After that, we simple tied the top of the balloon with a knot to secure everything in place.

There we have it, that’s how you make a Harry Potter stress ball. Great, aren’t they?! If you’ve got a college exam coming up or you know, some seriously stressful plans defeating a dark lord, you should definitely give this a try.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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