GUEST BLOGGER: In honour of Harry Potter Book Night, Ali names her top 5 spells she wishes were real

The lovely writer behind Ali Caitrin – self-confessed cat lady and tea lover – lists a total of 5 spells she wishes were real, in honour of the wonderful Harry Potter Book Night. Check it out:

The Harry Potter Book Night has finally arrived and what better way to celebrate it than to talk about all the spells we want to become a reality – we can dream right? Well here at MP! we want to help you get into the magical spirit so get your wands at the ready and find out if your favourite spell appears on our list!

Dobby and the cake


Remember that time you couldn’t find your keys, or your phone, or anything else that you needed? We’ve all been there! It would make our lives a lot easier and save plenty of time if the things we wanted could just come to us, your feet wouldn’t even need to touch the ground.


Ouch that must have hurt! Don’t worry whether you’ve got a stinging papercut or a broken nose, it’ll all be fixed with a flick of a wand. Just remember it only heals minor injuries so try not to get yourself into too much trouble.



Certain conversations are best kept secret but it can be hard to keep anything quiet nowadays. Make sure those nosy neighbours and friends of yours are listening to something else other than what you’re saying and before you know it you can waffle on without a care in the world. Only if it was that simple!

I've always wanted to use that spell


When you need to get somewhere in a hurry, most of the time muggle transport isn’t always the quickest route.Instead imagine only needing touch an old boot to get transported to wherever you want. If it’s good enough for Harry then it’s good enough for us!


Last but not least if you’re accident-prone and tend to break things without even trying then this will come in handy more times than you’d probably like to admit. You can pretend that horrible accident never even happened, you can keep it as your little secret!

Is there a spell that we’ve missed that you think you need in your life? Tweet us @maximumpopbooks and let us know.

Read more from Ali at her blog:

Ali Caitrin

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