Fifth Harmony are releasing their cover of ‘Uptown Funk’ tomorrow!

We love the 5H girls here at MP!, as we’re sure you know from our iconic interview and 7 things the girls need to do in 2015. Just when we think we couldn’t love them anymore, they announce their version of the Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars but made better by Fleur East number 1 smash hit ‘Uptown Funk’ – and it’s being dropped tomorrow!

To keep your appetites going, here’s a 15 second clip.

Now help us with some maths here, say the song drops in exactly 24 hours, we have about 8 hours sleep, and take an hour and 32 minutes for eating and showering and stuff, how many times can we listen to this snippet? Cookie for whoever gets it right.

(Disclaimer: the cookie is technically from last year so we can’t say for sure how good it will taste)

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