7 Important Things Fifth Harmony Must Do In 2015

The Fifth Harmony takeover went up  a notch in 2014 with the release of ‘Bo$$’ and a storming X Factor performance that left us with a severe case of FIERCE-itis. Everything is prepped for a stellar 2015 but here at MP! we reckon certain things must happen in order for the planets to align and true pop domination to beckon. Don’t believe us? Just watch…

1. Cheryl Fernandez Versini must be featured on a new single with the girls and perform it on X Factor 2015.

Picture it now: The silhouettes of 5H appear in front of neon lights in badass poses while Chezza swan dives from the ceiling in the midst of it all. The sextet then proceed to deliver a performance so amazing that the whole nation will need to have a bit of a lie down afterwards. YOU HAVE UNTIL NOVEMBER, LADIES.

5h cheryl

2. Michelle Obama must run for president and use ‘Bo$$’ as her personal anthem.

Sure her husband Barack won’t actually be finished being president himself until 2016, but this is a mere technicality. Basically, Michelle needs to run for president of SOMETHING and arrive at rallies around the country blaring ‘Bo$$’ at ear splitting volume. Even better, 5H can just stand behind her at all times ready to perform the track at a moment’s notice. The track will be sure to rocket up the charts, and Mrs. Obama cannot fail to be elected. Everybody wins.

3. ‘Sledgehammer’ must be released as a proper single in the UK with no messing around this time.

As much as we love ‘Bo$$’, the last minute change of single before the girls’ recent X Factor performance meant a nation was deprived of one of the greatest cardiac themed love songs since JLS’s ‘Beat Again’ and that, gentle readers, is a crying shame. ‘Sledgehammer’ must be given a second chance to take it’s rightful place at the top of the charts for about three months. SORT IT OUT, GIRLS.

4. Camila must launch her own bespoke bow line.

The adorable Camila’s signature head bows have become a 5H fashion staple in recent months and now we want some of our own. We’d suggest something like ‘Bow-tique’ or ‘Take a Bow’ (ok we’ll work on the name later) and each bow should customized to the size, with and dimensions of each individual head. Amazing, no?

bow gif

5. The ‘Reflection’ album must be released ASAP before we all die of pop starvation.

Seriously how long have we been waiting for this album now?! We can only be patient to a point…

6. 5H must team up with Little Mix for the ultimate X Factor girl band supergroup collaboration. 

Let’s face it: These two groups are the best thing to come out of X Factor on either side of the Atlantic for years now. Imagine the power of combining THOSE voices and THAT sassiness into one hell of a collab’. Pure pop gold surely awaits.


7. That X Factor performance must be taught as an example of prime pop excellence in all stage schools.

The attitude. The moves. The harmonies. The outfits. Ally’s back bend.


Disagree with any of our advice? Want to chime in with some of your own? As always, get typing in that comments section and let us know your thoughts… In the meantime, have a Fifth Harmony-tastic 2015 from us here at MP!

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