MP! Interviews Dinah from Fifth Harmony about X Factor, girl groups and… fighting to the death?!?

If there was three things we took from the failed experiment that was The X Factor USA they were: Britney can pull priceless faces, Cheryl shouldn’t dress up like Velma from Scooby-Doo when trying to launch a Stateside career, and Fifth Harmony should conquer the world.

Well, strap yourselves in kids because the latter is happening: Fifth Harmony are going to start their British invasion on (our) (much superior) (and still going) X Factor next weekend and being the iconic interviewers that we are, we got one of the first British press chats with them!

In fact we were so in there with getting the goss, that since our interview the pop gods have decided that the song going to be performed, and therefore released as a single, isn’t the one we talk about the interview! So ignore the potential for #majorawks and enjoy the banter that ensued when we put a Welsh man on the phone to an American.

Hello Dinah! How are you and what are you upto?

I’m doing pretty fine. I’m in Beverly Hills, in my Hotel room! I’m still in bed, and I’m just talking to you!

How excited are you to come to the UK?

I am SUPER excited, you don’t even understand. Me and the girls keep talking about it, like “oh my god, I can’t believe we’re going to the UK” Especially for Camila, that’s Camila’s dream to go out to the UK, because One Direction are out there, Leona Lewis…

So what have you got in store for your X Factor UK performance?

Well, we’re performing our single that just came out, ‘Sledgehammer’ so it’s very new, it’s very pop so we hope everyone likes that.

Have you got a big dance routine and crazy costumes?

Something like that! We got some choreography in there, today we had rehearsals actually. At the start we had mic stands than walk off to the front for some choreography, some hair flippin’ and everything. Because this is UK X Factor, we’re gonna try and make it a little big bigger.

That sounds awesome, whenever Nicole Scherzinger does X Factor she does like two or three dance breaks in one song! I digress; after X Factor have you got any more UK promo lined up?

Well I’ve heard we’ll be doing a lot of promo in the UK, we’ll just be driving around, and we’ll be going sightseeing.

‘Sledgehammer’ is really pop, is the whole album really pop?

Ummm it is actually isn’t. The songs we’ve released so far, ‘Sledgehammer’ and ‘BO$$’ and you can see the sound of the songs don’t really relate. The whole album is going to be really versatile, ’cause we’re five different girls and we like different things. Some of us are very indie, some of are pop, some of us love R&B so the album will be a taste of everything.

Where is the best place you’ve ever been?

I would say home, it’s one of my favourite places to be. I get to see my brothers and sisters and spend time with them, since I’m on the road so much. Home is where it’s at.

Best Britney song? 

Oooh! ‘Ooops… I Did It Again’. As a kid I did that routine so much, performing in front of her was like a dream.

Who would do best in the Hunger Games out of the girls?

Who would be the best? Definitely Camila wouldn’t last the longest because she’s so clumsy. I feel like she’d be the easy target. Ally too. I think it would have to come down to me, Lauren and Normani. Lauren played sports and Normani is a gymnastics kind of girl. I played a few sports and I’m really aggressive (laughs).

So whoever gets the sledgehammer first?


Best thing at McDonalds?

The Big Mac! Annnnnd, their pies, apple pies. And McFlurries!

Who is your favourite UK Girl Group?

I think as girls we looked up to the Spice Girls. They are the biggest inspiration to us for being a girl group, and Destiny’s Child, we looked up to them both. But the Spice Girls because of the personalities and how entertaining they are. I feel we kinda relate to them because when it comes to interviews we girls talk over each other and get over excited.

Thank you so much Dinah and we’re so excited for the performance!

Awwwww, thank you so much!!

Remember, Fifth Harmony are performing ‘Bo$$’ on The X Factor next Sunday (December 7th) and the song is released the same day! Who needs Dermot when you’ve got us?

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