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QUIZ: How much of a Dodie fan are you? Can you name all the lyrics to ‘Intertwined’?

Only true fans will get 100%

It’s no secret that we flippin’ love Dodie Clark.

She’s one of our fave YouTubers and we’re pretty much obsessed with all the songs and covers she posts on her channel.

(Just look at her! She’s as cute as a button!)

Way back in November, Dodie released her latest EP ‘Intertwined’.

It was one of our favourite releases of the year and included so many of her awesome tracks on it – including, ‘Life Lessons’ and ‘Absolutely Smitten’.

Obvs, we’ve been playing the record non-stop since it came out. Approximately 4362789 times, to be exact. So we were over the moon when Dodie released the video for title track, ‘Intertwined’, earlier this month.

The video features Barbie and Ken and is actually kinda dark. Seriously, we’re not kidding, in the clip Ken gets STABBED….


Darkness aside, though, it is a super creative video and took heaps of time and effort. The man responsible for Art Direction, Guy Larsen, even posted a behind-the-scenes video showing us how the dolls house was constructed.

See? Told you it was clever.

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Naturally, all you die-hard Dodie fans out there have already checked out the new video. But how much of a fan are you? Could you tell us every single word of ‘Intertwined’? Prove it by testing your knowledge in the fun quiz we’ve put together.

All you need to do is type each word in the box below and press enter. You’ve got 10 minutes to type in every lyric. Should be a piece of cake, right?

Get ready, get set, goooooo!

How did you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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