15 times Dodie Clark was completely and utterly adorkable

The purest cinnamon roll to ever have lived

Dodie is the purest angel we know. We just want to bundle her up and squish her adorable little face. She may be several years our senior but she’s completely and utterly adorkable – and that’s why we love her.

When she’s not writing an EP which is bound to make her one of the biggest indie popstars of 2017, she’s getting real about all things mental health. What a babeoid.

Yas! Your favourite YouTuber is going to be the biggest popstar of 2017, trust us

Dodie Clark has opened up about having a mental health condition and we’re proud AF

Here’s 15 of our favourite times Dodie was a complete and utter dork and looked utterly adorable whilst doing it:

1. This one speaks for itself

2. That time she released an EP and was blowin up? maybe?

3. That time she wanted to show off how #cool and #edgy and #2kwl4u she was on tour

4. Every time she hangs out with manager Josh

5. When she posed for THIS school photo age 6

6. When she got her nails painted by Anna Kendrick (JEALOUS!)

This is all levels of #goals.

7. When she revealed her true fangirl self

And we thought we were the crazy YouTube stalkers, lols.

8. And when she fangirled harder than anyone ever over ‘La La Land

9. When #Dodieyellow became a thing

Or should we say #doDIEyellow?

10. And when she proved her cutie pie status on Insta

new crimbo vid up on doddleoddle!

A post shared by dodie (@doddleoddle) on

11. Oh, and when she tried to be all hipster aesthetic and ended up spraining her ankle

Oh Dodie you bloody eejit. Right well, what happened was I put pretty plants on my loft bed steps, so when the doorbell…

Posted by doddleoddle on Thursday, 28 July 2016

Protip: don’t decorate the ladder to your loft bed with succulents, cactuses and other potted plants. Just don’t.

12. When she took to scooting about London

Like manager like Dodie We scoot to our meetings as a TEAM

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13. And she and Jedward became BFFs

What is this picture @jepicpics

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14. When she tries to make puns

Stop coming for Evan‘s brand, Dodie.

15. When she’s cute in literally every video she posts, ever…

We’re not joking.

Seriously, so cute.

Can we have a pocket-size Dodie to carry around with us at all times please?

One thing’s for sure – they don’t come cuter than Dodie.

What’s your fave adorkable Dodie moment? Leave a comment and let us know!

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