Getcha Head in the Game, Troy! The internet has a breakdown over Zac Efron not attending the HSM reunion.

The best thing ever happened yesterday with the cast of High School Musical reuniting after ten years of the movie’s release. But there was one important Wildcat missing… where the hell was Zac?!



The internet went into absolute meltdown when images of the cast minus Efron surfaced on social media and tbh we did, too. Here are some of the best reactions.

This was us, tbh.

We don’t understand either, Sharpay.

You and I both know he secretly knows every song, every lyric, every word. He’s just showing off and being “too cool for high school” when we all know. We all know deep down he wants to break into song.

Fans even took to Zac’s Instagram to complain about this huge hole he left at East High.

We wouldn’t be surprised if 1D went and had a quiet sob, if we’re honest. They may not mention it, but we can guarantee that movie and Zac had a good influence on their decision to become singers. Well, Louis was even in his school musical – he WAS the real life Troy!

All we can say is that we are very disappointed and will be holding this grudge for a VERY long time. Zac’s still cute, doe.

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Calling all Wildcats! The cast of High School Musical reunited after 10 years minus Zac Efron

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