Camila Cabello fans speak out about her decision to quit Fifth Harmony and we’re emotional wrecks!

We approached @CCabelloNews to be our MP! Superfan of the Week almost a month ago now and we have had this date pencilled into our diary since then. Of course, we had no clue that it would fall on such a dramatic and decisive week for Fifth Harmony. What can we say, it’s complicated.

But, actually it is very important for fans to have their say at a crucial time like this because, really, fans keep everything ticking. Fifth Harmony and Camila have said many a time that they would be nowhere without the fandom.

Now that Camila is going solo we expect that @CCabelloNews will be one to watch because it will only continue to grow as her solo career takes off. They are one of the most professional and dedicated fan accounts we know and they deserve only good things (no ‘Bad Things’).


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Hi guys! So could you tell us a bit about who owns the account?

We are a team of six with a variety of ages from all over the world. We’ve refrained from giving names or usernames because we want people to form an honest opinion of the account rather than the people behind it.

Why are you a fan of Camila and how long have you been a fan?

We’ve all known about her and the group since their ‘X Factor’ days but didn’t become fans until anytime between 2013 and 2015. We’re fans because not only is she one of the most hardworking people in the business but her passion for her craft and her unwavering kindness make her stand out even more. Even when we couldn’t be labeled fans of her, we all saw something special in her, in the way she carried herself, interacted with fans, and the way we could visibly see her working her hardest to improve.

There’s not a day that goes by that Camila doesn’t make us laugh or smile, because she just has this sort of unmatchable charm about herself. She gets put through a lot but to us, she might just be one of the strongest women we’ve ever known. Things get hard for her and she never gives up or retaliates, she just works harder because she has something to prove, not to the ones who doubt her but to herself.


What’s your favourite 5H/Camila song and why?

Collectively, our favourite 5H song is definitely ‘1000 Hands’ because of its simplicity and because it’s arguably one of Camila‘s best vocal performances and showed us a different side of her voice we hadn’t heard before. As for Camila‘s music, we can’t choose between ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ and ‘Bad Things’. We love them both for multiple, different reasons. Both are incredible songs in their own right.

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Has Camila ever noticed the account or engaged? If so how did you react?

The very first time Camila interacted with us, she followed us right after and our reaction was literally the “😦” emoji.

Now, we’ve gotten a little less starstruck and we’ve actually been fortunate enough to form a relationship with her. In fact, recently, we partnered up for a project in which fans got to win direct messages from her in exchange for their hard work with ‘Bad Things’.

Have you ever met Camila?

Half of us have! The other 3 are (im)patiently waiting for their turn.

Why do you think people are so engaged with your fan account? What differentiates you?

We make it a priority to involve the other fans in everything we do (unless we’re trying to surprise them). We ask for their input, we take their suggestions to better our account, and we make sure we have a strong relationship with them.

Earlier this year, we began doing weekly hashtags for Camila and more times than not, they’re ones that our followers suggested or requested we do. Our professionalism is also a factor that sets us a part from other accounts. When we created our account there were no serious Camila update accounts and now we pride ourselves on always striving to be the best Camila source out there.

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What do you think of Camila‘s relationship with her fans?

Camila genuinely has the greatest relationship with the fans. She always finds time to appreciate us, she stops to meet people everywhere she goes even if she’s short on time, and she does her best to get on Twitter to tweet fans, like their tweets, or even message them because they asked her to give them a little pick-me-up.

On Snapchat, she’s always posting pictures or videos of fan gifts to show that she got them and she appreciates them, and she has a recent obsession with fan art which she now posts all the time. One of the most special things about her relationship with her fans is how at the end of every tour leg, she’ll post a collage of pictures of her with fans with a message about how the leg went for her. Honestly, she’s too good for this world.

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Do you ship Camila with anyone and if so who?

We ship Camila with whoever makes her happy and treats her well. None of us really have any serious Camila ships.

What is your fave Camila/5H fan project that you have ever taken part in?

This year has been absolutely crazy and almost nonstop when it comes to fan projects but we really enjoy the ones where they’re aimed at making Camila happy or getting her to laugh.

The absolute fan favourite was probably #PickUpCamila where fans tweeted the cheesiest and corniest pickup lines they could find. One of our personal favourites as a team was definitely our recent ‘Bad Things’ project that we partnered up with Camila for because it really helped the song a lot and the fans that went the hardest got a video from Camila herself and were absolutely overjoyed.

Another really fun project was one that we did with the other individual 5H member update accounts (LMJUpdates, DJHansenUpdates, AllyBrookeOn, and NormaniUpdate) where we all competed against one another every night for a week to see whose followers could bring in the most votes for the VMAs and we really had a blast (even though we sadly lost almost all of our battles)! We can only hope 2017 will be as successful and fun!

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What do you think about Camila‘s decision to leave Fifth Harmony? 

We’ve always supported her in everything she has done and we will continue to do so. Her happiness comes first before any money or any success and if she isn’t happy in an environment, we believe she has every right to get herself out of it.

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Why do you think people are connecting so much with Camila and Machine Gun Kelly’s collaboration ‘Bad Things’? 

As Camila has said before, everyone can either relate to the good falls for bad love story or is a sucker for it, and that’s exactly what the song is about. Camila takes the role of the good girl who fell for the bad boy who is telling her all these things and in the video, even influences her to do bad things and it pushes the message that love is a powerful thing. Plus, it also helps that the song is darn good and catchy.

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What do you want to hear from Camila‘s solo material? Which direction would you like her to go in? 

We’re SO excited for whatever she chooses to put out. We’d be happy with any direction as long as it’s music she loves and wants to make and she’s happy.

Let us know your opinion on Camila Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony using the comments box below.


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