So this is what Camila Cabello has been doing since quitting Fifth Harmony…

It’s been a tough week all round and we could really use one of these Camila bear hugs right now.


We don’t know exactly what went down between the remaining members of Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello, but all we know is that we love and support all of them.

Camila has been keeping a very low profile since her departure from 5H, save from one post on social media and a mermaid-themed Snapchat post. It’s definitely a good move from the 19 year old because we have had enough drama already and both Harmonizers and members of the group deserve better than that. We owe it to our memories of Fifth Harmony as a five piece not to perpetuate the drama.


Camila has been spotted out and about for the first time since the news broke that she was leaving 5H and thankfully she looks well and happy.

She was walking through the streets of Miami hand in hand with her dad, Alejandro Cabello, wearing a retro, multi-coloured knitted dress.

Credited to ENews

We’re glad that Camila is finding the support and guidance she needs in her family. This must be a scary time for the still very young pop star and she would do well to lean on her relatives. We hope that the other members of Fifth Harmony are doing the same.

Camila’s ‘Bad Things’ collaborator, Machine Gun Kelly has spoken out about the singer’s departure from the group:

“I know Camila, there is no like trickery going on. There’s no behind-the-back stuff. It was odd that it happened on the day that we got our gold plaque for ‘Bad Things’. It seems like, the way it played out, it wasn’t great timing…but I know that it was all so genuine.”

Fifth Harmony have reassured fans that they will be continuing to make music as a four piece. However, we have noticed that Ally just unfollowed Fifth Harmony on Instagram. We doubt that was an accident and it makes us really, really sad.


We’ve literally just spent the whole week listening to ‘Gonna Get Better’ on repeat while fighting a losing battle with our tears.

What do you think Ally unfollowing 5H on Insta could mean? Leave a comment using the box below.

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