We attended a super secret party with Camila Cabello LAST NIGHT and this is EVERYTHING we can LEGALLY tell you about it


As far as secret parties go THIS was the best one ever. Forget about *that* house party your college pal had last year.

After hearing where we went, you’ll be SO jeal.

Last night, Maximum Pop! was invited to a top secret location in London, where our fave Camila Cabello was rumoured to be playing some of her brand new album, ‘The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving’.

That’s right! We told you that you’d be jealous.

As most of you guys already know, Camila’s debut album is due out in September and although we can’t tell you WHAT the album sounds like.


Other than the fact that it’s fan-bloody-tastic.

We can bend the rules a little bit and tell you heaps of other stuff about the night. Oh what rule breakers, we are.

First up, Camila cocktails are a THING…

We’re not joking. The night was held in a cute basement room where we could choose a Camila based cocktail – either The Hurting, The Healing or The Loving. Oh yeah… we see what you did there.

Obviously, went for The Loving. It was a rum and ginger based drink. It was also sort of fiery, potentially like love? Either way, we’re SOLD and it was very nice.

We also learned that important people wear leather jackets…

Following our drinks, we then handed in our phones and mingled with various important looking people. In case, you’re wondering what important people wear, they’re very keen on leather jackets.

After that, well… MP! NEVER turn down free food

FREE FOOD?! HELL YEAH! We ate about 9 mango chutney canapés served in small avocados. Tbh, we’re drooling just thinking about them.

This is seriously making us think that Camila Cabello is the most popular pop star in the biz

MP! Opinions: An open fan letter to Camila Cabello

We bet a funky ol’ banana you haven’t learned all the lyrics to Pitbull, J Balvin and Camila Cabello’s ‘Hey Ma’ yet!

Oh, it’s also worth noting that Camilla looked gorgeous…

She wore a ripped blue denim jacket and black choker. Obviously, she looked stunning. Slay, girl!

After listening to some new music, we gave her a high-five…

Just because.

She also told us that she REALLY loves you guys!


All in all, our final message is simple…

Get excited about the album because it’s gonna be your favourite release of the year. Mark our words.

Have you ever met Camila Cabello before? Share your fan stories in the comments below. 

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Written by Emma Matthews

Emma is a freelance journalist at MP.

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