MP! Opinions: An open fan letter to Camila Cabello

Several years ago you were just like me, a fan with dreams, but look at you now

My baby girl, Camila.

I’m writing you this letter to let know the huge impact you have on my life. You are such a blessing to me and to everyone. You change lives.

You were a baby when I first heard of you, now you are a powerful woman. I must confess this journey has given me a rollercoaster of emotions but it’s been pretty satisfying. I cannot believe still how far you’ve come, congratulations for that.

I had the opportunity to meet you in Brazil for like… ten seconds. You have to see my pictures, both of them are terribly funny, I’m damn weird on them, but I’m not even mad at that because you are on those pictures with me. Hope I can meet you the right way sometime, I don’t care about the pictures, as long as I can hug you and tell you looking in your eyes that I love you.

Words can’t describe what I feel for you and how grateful and proud I am to be a Camilizer. Honestly, it is an honour to support you.

It is countless the number of Camilizers I met who would hurt themselves before meeting you or the ones who were super self-conscious or insecure before learning from you that they are worth it. They are beautiful. They have gained confidence from your example.

Camila, you heal people! You calm troubled souls and you give us hope.

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My baby girl, I have no words to tell you how proud you make me feel every day. I know you have grown up and I’m just a couple years older than you, however I have this overwhelming desire to take care of you as if you were my child.

If it depended on me, you would never be sad and I would never let people mistreat you. But all I can do is to be so deeply sorry for all the hate you receive, and of course, love and support you as much as I can. I do love and admire you for how strong you are. I hope you know there is a strong and firm fan base supporting you in all your doings.

You have the wonderful ability of being super cute when you want and so dang hot minutes later. I love the “performing Camila”, when you are on stage you are different, you seem to incorporate a whole new person. I think you are fascinating.

Several years ago you were just like me, a fan with dreams, but look at you now! You have fulfilled the old dreams and also a handful of new ones, I used to say that you are lucky, but it has nothing to do with luck, you are so incredible talented and you deserve all you have right now.

Camz, you will always be my cute girl with crazy bows, thank you for bringing joy to my life, you really do bring it, when I think of the word “joy” you come to my mind, so thank you for that, thank you for being so full of life and congratulations for the woman you have become.

I hope you know I love you a lot, I’m just one more little Brazilian fanatic in this sea of Camilizers, but I just wish you all happiness of the world, you have such beautiful smile and I hope you show it to the world often. I also hope you smiled reading what I had to tell you. Thank you again for sharing your light and your gifts with us.

With all my love,

Letícia Leal


Credit to FAULT Magazine and Giuliano Bekor for images

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